Visiting Laura, Part Four


It wasn’t long before Emily returned with our wine, shut the door behind her, and poured Laura and I a glass. She looked at Laura and asked, “Are you ready to order, Mistress?” Emily then looked at me, our eyes locked and she paused, “Master?”  Something about her eyes struck me as familiar, but I could not place them with anyone I could remember.

 “I don’t think we’re quite ready to order yet, but I do have a request.  Will you please turn around and face the door, Emily?”  She turned, breaking eye contact, and faced the door.  I looked over at Laura, smiled, and winked.  “You see Laura, I told you her ass was pretty close to perfection.”  I scooted over on my bench so that I was even closer to Emily.  “See the lovely shape here,” as I spoke I gently traced lines on her ass with my fingertips. “The way each cheek curves in at the right moment, drawing your eyes straight in.”  When I finished speaking my finger was hovering just outside of the crack of her ass.

 Laura played along superbly. “Yes, I do see it now, but looking great standing up is one thing, what about when she’s bent over?”

 “Emily, will you please bend over for us?”  The touching was starting to get me aroused: she really did have a great posterior.

 “Yes master,” she said, and without a moment’s hesitation, Emily not only bent over, placing her hands against the door, but spread her legs just a little further apart, striking a completely fuckable pose. 

 The view was perfect and it was a little hard not to have her right on the spot, but that wasn’t part of the game plan, so I simply dragged my fingers down the inside of her thigh as I spoke. “Well, I think I’d say that the view is every bit as impressive from this position, and with these lovely legs too.”

 “Yes, I suppose you’re right,” Laura said. I looked back at Laura and she had her skirt hiked up a little further and her hand between her legs. “Her ass does look good enough to eat.”

 I ran my hand back up her leg and over the curve of her ass, and with a gentle spank I said, “You may stand up now Emily.  Thank you for helping us out with that.”  Emily turned to face me, her cheeks were slightly flush, whether from embarrassment or excitement I was not sure.  “I really do appreciate it.  Come back in a couple of minutes and we’ll have our order ready.”

 “Thank you Master Mistress.”  Emily turned and left the room quickly.

 I looked over to Laura, who’s skirt was now completely up around her hips and her fingers were slowly rubbing her clit. “Do you think I took that too far with her?” I asked as I watched Laura work herself into a frenzy.

 “No, like I said, she’s practically a nympho.” Laura paused and gasped before continuing. “If she’s not trying to figure out how to get a little more from you at this very moment I’d be surprised.”  I watched first one, and then another orgasm work its way through Laura, and by the time she recovered I found myself rubbing my cock through my shorts. 

 Laura noticed too and came around to my side of the table, sitting to my right.  Without a word she unzipped my fly, pulled me out and slowly stroked me with her left hand. “I got so hot watching you touch her that I almost ordered her to take you right on the spot,” she whispered before kissing me hard.  Her tongue plunged into my mouth and slid around in time with the pumping of her fist.  I reached up to rub and pinch the nipples that were sticking out through the thin fabric of her t-shirt. 

 I’m not sure how long we went on with our heavy petting before I noticed Emily in the room.  I didn’t stop, nor did I stop Laura, I just watched Emily.  She noticed me looking at her and smiled.  I noticed for the first time that one hand was in her panties, rubbing her clit.  She stopped fingering herself and stuck a finger in her mouth, slowly licking and sucking on it as I watched.   Slowly I eased out of kissing Laura and said, “Laura, our servant has returned.”

 Laura turned, never releasing my cock. “Oh, and it looks like she’s been watching a while.”  Laura’s tone was still playful, but took on a demanding edge. “I think our little Emily deserves a spanking.”  Laura put my rock hard cock back into my pants and stood up, pulling her skirt back down.  “Okay Emily, crawl onto your Master’s lap for your punishment.”

 Emily looked contrite and did as she was told.  She crawled across the bench and over my lap until her elbows rested on one side of my legs and her knees were on the other.  She lowered the top of her body until her abdomen was resting against the throbbing bulge in my shorts and her ass was in the air, legs slightly spread. “Please Master, I’ve been bad and need to be punished,” she said with just a hint of desire in her voice.

 I wasted no time in getting my hands back on her ass.  I ran my hand all over her, slowly caressing every inch of it.  I could feel Emily relaxing under my touch. It was at that moment that I quickly drew my hand back and smacked her ass hard enough to leave a hand print.  Emily yelped, but when I gave her another one she remained silent.  I continued on for some time, caressing and spanking, and Emily’s yelps and silence slowly turned to moans. 

 Laura stood behind Emily, once again with her hand under her skirt. “I think she likes it Eric.  Will you check?”  Unabated hunger flashed across Laura’s face as I pulled aside Emily’s thong and sank a finger into her pussy.

 Emily moaned as I pushed a second finger inside her. “She does seem to like it after all.  Our servant is very wet Laura.  What do you think we should do about it?”  I slowly slid my fingers in and out of Emily’s sopping wet box as I waited for Laura’s response.

 “Well this is supposed to be punishment, so perhaps not spanking her would be a greater punishment.”  Laura pulled her skirt back down and slid back behind the table.

 “I think that’s a lovely idea.”  With a final swat on the ass I told Emily to get up, that it was time to take our order. 

 When she crawled off of me her hand dragged across my bulge and she even gave it a tiny squeeze.  She stood next to the table, skin flushed with excitement. “What would you like to eat tonight, Mistress?”  Laura ordered almond crusted halibut and a salad.  “And what would you like to eat, Master?” she asked, spreading her legs a little further apart, drawing my attention to her already wet panties.

 “You mean besides the two of you?  I guess I’ll have the Surf and Turf, oysters instead of shrimp, and please bring another bottle of wine.” Emily bowed deeply, her breasts almost falling out of her corset, stood, and left the room, her red ass drawing my attention until the door shut behind her.

 When I turned to look at Laura she was all smiles. “So what do you think?”

 “I think I’m going to lose this bet,” I said. “If you hadn’t tucked me back in I think she would have sucked me off as I was smacking her ass.”

 “Hahaha!  I kind of figured she might, but I couldn’t have you lose that early on now could I?”

 “I almost wish you had. Between your touch, and spanking her, I’m about ready to pop.”  I took a long drink of my wine to try and settle down.

 “Aww…poor thing,” cooed Laura.“You must be suffering terribly under the strain.”  She battered her eyes and tried her best to look sympathetic, but she just could not keep a straight face and started laughing loudly.  “I’ll tell you what, if you win the bet, and she hasn’t blown you by the end of dinner then I’ll suck you off before desert.”

 “Deal!” I said with a little too much anxiousness.  I was horny as hell and was seriously contemplating beating off just to relieve some of the pressure, but the intensity of waiting would hopefully be worth it in the end.

 It was about five minutes later that Emily came back. She looked a little more composed, but still very flushed.  Without a word, she pulled the cork and held it to my nose.  I took a deep breath and was surprised to smell not only the wine, but the spicy, sweet scent of Emily’s pussy. “I hope this meets with your approval,” she said pulling back her hand.

 “Yes indeed, in fact I can hardly wait for a taste.”  Emily poured a fresh glass of wine and turned to Laura, pouring a glass for her as well.  I quickly scooted over and parted her legs, “Laura, would you mind if I had a little snack before dinner?”

 “Not at all, in fact I was thinking that I might have a little snack myself.”

 I knelt on the floor behind Emily and spread her legs further still.  She bent over slightly, using the table for balance, and I quickly pushed aside her thong and pressed my mouth against her deliciously wet slit.  I plunged my tongue as far inside her as I could manage, reveling in her taste.  Mere moments later I felt my zipper open and my cock was pulled out yet again, only this time Laura sucked me into her mouth and used her magic tongue to make me as hard as a rock.  Emily moaned above me as I ate her pussy recklessly and it wasn’t long before she groaned quietly and I was gifted with the taste of her cum.  Laura stopped sucking my rod and started milking it with her hands.  Once she had a large amount of precum oozing out of my cock she rubbed it all over her lips.  She stood in front of Emily and kissed her fully, plunging her tongue into Emily’s waiting mouth.  Laura fingeref Emily’s clit while I tongue-fucked her pussy until finally Emily came again.

 After lapping up the last of Emily’s cum I sat back on the bench and stoked my cock as I watched these two beautiful women making out.  A minute or two passed before the kiss was broken.  Laura sat back and pointed towards the door. “I wanted to give you a little snack too Emily, now be a good girl and bring back the food and perhaps you can share in the main course.”

 Emily bowed slightly, “Yes, Mistress.  Thank you, Mistress.”  She turned to go, but paused when her eyes passed over me.  I watched her closely and her eyes focused on my cock.  For a moment I thought she was going to go for it right on the spot, but she held back and left the room.

 I eased off of stroking my cock and slid back over on the bench. “Tease,” I said, winking at Laura.

 “Hey, I’m just trying my hardest to win the bet.”  Laura let out a long sigh. “Besides, I’m sure I’m just about as hot and bothered as you are.  If it weren’t for this bet I’d be riding you right where you sit.”  Laura ran her hands over her bullet hard nipples. “I’m really hoping that waiting for that cock of yours will be worth it in the end.”

 “Well I’ll do my best to not disappoint.”  We spent the next ten or fifteen minutes watching the people in the main room, drinking our wine and talking about Emily’s immanent return.  By the time the door opened we were both aroused, but our flames were tempered.

 Emily walked in with a well balanced tray and quietly set our plates before us.  I was suddenly very hungry and I imagine Laura was the same (we had only eaten lightly at the zoo, and that had been nearly six hours earlier), because we both dug right into our plates without a word.  I was a third of the way through my plate when I noticed Emily turning to leave the room, “Emily. Wait,” I said, “please stay with us for a while longer.”  And with as suggestive a voice as I could manage I said, “If you are tired of standing you could always rest on your knees.”  Emily smiled and knelt beside the table.

 Laura and I continued to eat and talked about what we wanted to do the next day. “Maybe we should just take it easy tomorrow.  You know, sit around the house, maybe do a little time in the hot tub?” Laura suggested.

 “Only if we can do it naked,” I said with a wink.  It was at about that time that my legs were pushed apart.  Emily crawled quietly under the table, and before it all could register, my semi-hard cock was in her mouth. “Ahhh,” I moaned. “God, this is good food.”

 Laura was completely aware of what was going on below the table and was smiling like the Cheshire Cat. “The food is good, but it’s the service that really blows you away.”  I tried to keep eating, but Emily’s ministrations were so good that getting the food to my mouth was becoming a problem.  Laura just laughed. “I think you’ve had enough food for the moment.”  Laura stood up from the table and walked over to my side. “Why don’t you two come out of there and share.”

 With a last lick up the length of my cock, Emily broke away and crawled out from under the table. “Yes, Mistress.”  I scooted my way out and stood up, my cock inches from Emily’s masked face. Emily immediately wrapped her lips around the head of my cock and ran her tongue all over it.

 “Slow down slut,” Laura demanded.  “Undress him first.  I want him completely naked.”  Emily quickly released my cock and undressed me.  It wasn’t slow or playful, it was stripping me down in a hurry.  In a flash my pants were undone and around my ankles and then off entirely.  Moments later the buttons on my shirt were undone and my shirt was off and thrown across the room.  Before my shirt even hit the floor Emily was back on her knees with my cock in her mouth.  It was as if she were possessed. 

 Laura moved over so that she was no longer hidden behind the table herself.  Once again she lifted up her skirt and fingered herself, but this time she also removed her top and pinched her nipples at the same time.  She watched Emily and I intently as my cock disappeared in our waitress’s mouth.  Laura’s eyes traveled from my cock, to my eyes and back again as she slowly worked herself to the edge of orgasm.

 Emily’s oral talents were exceptional and in no time at all I was close to cumming.   She must have sensed how close I was because she pulled off my cock, looked up at me and asked, “Where do you want your cum, Master?”  No longer was there any deference in her voice, just desire.

 “In your mouth…for now,” I responded.

 “Then fuck my mouth.”  Without warning, Emily put her hands on my ass and sucked my cock back into her mouth, taking it all the way in until I was in her throat  I moaned and grabbed her head, completely oblivious to all else as I fucked her mouth faster and faster.  Every moment brought me closer to climax and soon I felt the familiar tingle in my balls.  I pulled Emily’s head forward until I was pressing into her throat again, just in time for the first stream of cum to leave me.  She swallowed hard, adding to the pleasure as my seed filled her.  I released her head and she pulled back, taking more of my cum until her lips parted and the last few streams shot onto her lips and tongue.  Emily swallowed what she could before she licked up and down the length of my cock, cleaning up every last little drop she could find.  I watched her in mute fascination, and then remembered Laura. 

 Laura still watched and fingered herself, but she looked as if she had not gotten off yet.  Her knees trembled and her breath came in short gasps, but still she slid a couple of fingers in and out of her sopping wet pussy.  As Emily finished cleaning me off, I smiled down at her and motioned towards Laura.  Emily immediately understood and crawled over to Laura.  Without a word, Emily pulled Laura’s fingers from her pussy and inserted her own before she stuck out her tongue and flicked it over Laura’s clit.  The response was immediate; she moaned and pinched both of her nipples as Emily ate out her friend’s pussy.  It took less than a minute before Laura’s moans reached a crescendo.  Her back arched and she ground her pussy against Emily’s mouth and hand.  Orgasms ripped through Laura in waves and Emily never let up.

 Watching Laura cum made me hard all over again, and with Emily’s ass facing me, I decided it would be a shame for it to go to waste.  I got down on the floor behind Emily, held aside her thong and pushed my cock inside her waiting pussy.  Emily moaned and pushed back as I filled her up.  I stayed inside her for the first minute or so, not letting her move by gripping her hips tightly and holding her against me.  She whimpered as she ate out Laura, straining and wanting to move as I held her still.  Once Laura came again, I slid my cock in and out of Emily with deliberate restraint, gradually picking up speed.  Emily tried to take control, but I made her wait and worked at my own pace, enjoying the power I had over her. 

 I picked up speed until I was fucking her as fast and hard as I could.  Emily no longer licked Laura’s slit and gasped with every thrust I made.  It wasn’t long before Emily was cumming and trying hard not to cry out.  I continued to slam into her and her orgasm seemed to go on and on until she collapsed in a heap. 

By the time Emily passed out I was on the verge of cumming myself, but it didn’t feel right filling the unconscious woman with my seed.  I looked up to see Laura fingering her clit and rubbing her nipples. “I think you broke her,” she said with a grin.  “Why don’t you come over here and try to break me?”

 “I have a better idea,” I said as I pulled out of Emily. “Slide over to the other side of the table so that we don’t disturb her.”  Laura slid over, with me right after her.  I got out from behind the table, pulled her up from the bench, turned her around so that she faced the main dining area, able to see, but not be seen.  She immediately understood what I was going for and bent over slightly, presenting me with her ass.  I smiled, walked behind her and slid my cock into her well lubed pussy, eliciting a sigh as I started sliding in and out.  Laura placed her hands on the wall and stared out at the people enjoying their meals.

 “God, I’ve wanted you inside me all day,” she said as I slowly picked up speed.  Laura tried her best to be quiet, but every once in a while a little yelp or a loud moan would escape her lips and anyone walking by at that moment would turn to look. It felt like they were watching us, and not just seeing their own reflections.

 When I felt the first twinges deep inside me forecasting my orgasm, I became determined to bring Laura along with me.  I quickly stuck my thumb in my mouth, covered it with saliva, and pushed it into Laura’s ass.  Moaning loudly, Laura drew more looks from beyond the mirror. I worked my thumb in and out of her ass counterpoint to my cock and shortly she was biting her lip to keep the screams inside as a powerful orgasm swept over her. Her pussy twitched and gyrated about my cock, making my balls tighten in expectation. 

 Suddenly Laura turned to me and with a fire in hers eyes and commanded, “Stick that cock in my ass.”  So strong was her demeanor that I did not hesitate.  With one swift motion I pulled out of her pussy and slid into her ass.  Her back door was so tight that I only managed a few strokes before I was cumming, grunting loudly, and drawing my own onlookers from outside.  I continued to pump in and out of her ass as my seed filled her. When I finished, I pulled out and sat back on the bench, totally expended.

 Laura sat next to me and put her arms around me, holding me close. “That was totally worth the wait,” she said, “but I hope you’ve got some more left in you.  This night is not done by a long shot.”

 I just smiled.

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