Visiting Laura, Part Five

A soft groan announced Emily regaining consciousness on the other side of the room.  I slid over and helped her stand.  She looked a beautiful mess with her corset pushed out of place, her mask slightly askew, and her hair completely disheveled.  She took a few moments to straighten up her appearance, smiling at Laura and I the whole time. “Thank you, Masters. Let me bring you something to clean up with,” she said, and with a bow she was out the door.

“So do you recognize her yet?” asked Laura.

“I can’t say that I do.  There is something about her that seems familiar, but I can’t quite put my finger on it.”

Laura laughed lightly. “Well don’t worry.  We’ll tell you before your vacation is over.” 

 Emily came back carrying a couple of hot wet towels and motioned for us to slide over to her side of the table.  Once we were clear of the table, Emily took one of the towels and slowly washed off Laura, taking special care to clean the cum from between her legs and ass.  Something about the event was very erotic and I found myself standing at attention by the time they were done.  When Emily finished with Laura, she picked up a fresh towel and started the process over on me.  She stayed so close to me as she washed me off that the head of my cock rubbed against her stomach and then her chest as she worked her way downward.  When she reached my cock she worked the towel up and down my shaft, making me moan.  Without thinking I spread my legs further apart and slid down so that my ass was off of the bench.  Emily continued down, massaging my balls with the towel before dipping her head down to suck on the head of my cock.

I tilted my head back and moaned as she sucked me into her mouth snow inch at a time.  I felt her spread my legs further apart as she bobbed her head up and down, but when I looked up I saw not only Emily between my legs, but Laura as well.  While Emily sucked my cock, Laura licked and sucked my balls.  The two of them took their time and switched positions every minute or so.  I was as hard as I had been all night, but they took care to make sure I didn’t shoot my load too quickly.  I don’t know what I did to deserve it, but those two beautiful women were giving me the blowjob of a lifetime. 

On and on they went, torturing me with the pleasure of their mouths.  I desperately wanted to cum, but they always knew when I was on the verge and would slow up, leaving me twitching. 

About ten minutes after they started, Emily covered a finger with pre-cum and spit and pushed it into my ass.  I gasped as she slid that finger in and out of me.  The two of them returned to sucking me and I was immediately on the edge, but this time they did not let up.  My hips bucked and I grunted loudly when I came.  Emily happened to have my head between her lips when I shot my load, but rather than swallow, she let it fall back onto my cock where Laura licked it up as fast as she could.  When my seed stopped flying, Emily joined Laura, and I watched as the two beautiful women cleaned my cock from top to bottom.

When they finished their work, they kissed and stood.  Laura walked Emily to the door, whispered something in her ear and kissed her goodbye.  Emily walked out and I sat there on the bench, as happy as a man could be.  Laura sat next to me and gave me a quick kiss. “Come on stud, it’s time to get dressed and head into the club,” Laura said as she stood and walked over to where her clothes lay piled up. “As I recall, you owe me a night of drinks and I plan on taking full advantage.”  We laughed, got dressed and headed out through the back door of the room.

 While the dining area was light and airy, the club was dark and alluring.  Everywhere we looked there were people dancing while scantily clad waitresses wearing masks flitted in and out of the crowd, trays full of drinks held high.  Laura led me to a small table where we sat and ordered drinks.  We watched the teaming crowd undulate to the pulse of the music and after a couple of quick drinks we headed out onto the floor to dance.  Despite all of the recent incredible sex, we both came alive in the club; a renewed sense of power and energy coursed through us.  Time lost all meaning as we continued to drink and dance until we could take it no more.  We stumbled out to the car, amazed to find that it was already midnight.  Somehow we made it home (neither of us should have been driving), and stumbled our way into the bedroom, where we stripped down, crawled under the blankets and fell fast asleep.

I don’t know what time it was when I woke up, but it was still dark out and I could feel the last traces of alcohol still coursing through my veins.  Laura was spooned in front of me, the curves of her body fit snuggly against me: a perfect fit. I gently ran my hand up and down her body, starting with her leg, then across her stomach and beneath the curve of her breasts.  Laura moaned quietly and snuggled closer to me, wriggling her ass against me.  I let my hand wander further and caressed her nipples before moving down until my fingers were between her legs caressing her clit.  Laura moaned again and arched her back slightly until her pussy pressed against my rapidly stiffening cock.  We moved in sync and without the use of our hands I slowly penetrated her.  I kissed her neck and rubbed her breasts as I slid in and out of her.  Laura stretched her arms over head and ran her fingers through my hair.  Time lost meaning as we made love. When we came, I stayed inside her and we drifted back to sleep.

The next morning we got up, showered, threw on a couple of robes, and headed to the kitchen for some sustenance. We barely spoke as we devoured our omelets, bacon, hash browns ,and coffee. “Well I guess last night took a bit out of us didn’t it?” I asked as I put the plates in the dishwasher.

“Yeah, I can’t remember the last time I’ve been this hungry,” Laura said following a sip of coffee. “Of course I can’t remember the last time I’ve had that much fun either.”

“So what’s on the agenda for today?” I inquired as I eyed her ample cleavage that her gradually opening robe framed nicely.

“I figured I’d have my way with you, and then we could spend some time relaxing by the pool.”

“I don’t know how much relaxing we’ll be able to do if I get you in the water,” I said with a laugh.

“Down boy. You’re going to have to show some restraint.” Laura stood and took a couple of steps back. “I have a special surprise for you tonight and I want you full of energy.”

“Hmmm, sounds interesting.  Any clues?”

“Nope.  Not a one,” Laura said as she walked towards her room. “You coming?”

I finished my coffee as Laura disappeared into her bedroom and followed after her, not bothering to hide the giant smile on my face.  Laura sat on the edge of the bed, her robe gaping open, exposing one breast and her legs nearly all the way up.  As I walked over to her my cock hardened and pushed up a tent in the robe that I was wearing.  Leaning over, I kissed her neck and pushed the robe from her shoulders.  Laura moaned as I kissed my way down her neck to her shoulders caressed her arms.  She reached out and grabbed my balls with care before massaging them in her hand. “Go down on me lover and I’ll give you a special treat when you’re done.”  I already planned on tasting her that morning, so, without a word, I kissed my way further down her body. I slowed my descent to suck and lick her nipples before continuing on. I only stopped when my tongue spread her lips and rasped against her clit.  Laura moaned and placed her hands on my head, holding my mouth to her slit.  I sucked and licked her clit with a furious tempo, reveling in her growing moans.  I reached between her legs and slid my thumb into her waiting pussy.  Laura fell back and started panting along with her moaning. “Oh yes, eat my pussy.”  I kept fucking her with my thumb and eating her clit until her moans reached a fevered pitch.  Suddenly, her inner muscles clamped down hard on my thumb and her thighs crushed my head as she came.  The sound of her moans and shouts were muffled by the sound of blood rushing through her thighs, but I didn’t need to hear the specifics to know that I had done a good job getting her off.

When Laura released my head she just laid there on the bed.  I took my time kissing my way back up her body and made sure to give her rock hard nipples some much needed attention. 

While going down on Laura my robe had fallen off, so when my kisses reached her neck, the head of my cock pressed against her pussy.  She was so wet with cum and saliva that I slid inside her with the smallest of efforts.  Laura arched her back and pulled me in with her heels until I was completely inside her warm, inviting box.  Holding me tight against her, Laura flexed her inner muscles, gently massaging my rod.  I moved further up and kissed her gently, our tongues danced about each other as I ran my fingers through her hair and she ran her fingers across my back.  When we broke our kiss I pulled back and looked Laura in the eyes. “You are so beautiful,” I whispered.

 “Thank you,” she said as she gave me another quick kiss. “I believe its time for your treat now, so get up and sit on the edge of the bed.”  Laura smiled and winked at me with a fire in her eyes. 

 I was reluctant to pull out of her, but I was curious as to what she had in mind so I pulled out and laid next to her on the bed.  Laura stood up, stepped in front of me and said, “No sitting up now okay? And put your heels up on the bed.”  I did as requested and put my hands beneath my head so that I could see a little better what was going on.  Laura got down on her knees between my legs, leaned forward and slowly licked and sucked on my balls until my cock was standing as straight as a board. “I took the liberty of pulling a few goodies from our adult store bags.  I hope you don’t mind.”  Her eyes still twinkled and I wondered what she picked up at the store.  Laura sat up a little straighter and kissed the head of my cock before slowly sucking it into her mouth. 

Once again Laura worked her magic on me, leaving me breathless as she sucked my cock.  I was moaning and groaning in ecstasy when I felt her finger first rubbing and then entering my ass.  Only a couple women ever played with my ass before last night, and it was a secret passion of mine, so when she slid her finger in and out of me I was in complete heaven. “I used that warming lotion of yours.  You’ll have to tell me how it feels.”  Indeed, I could feel a gradual warming as she finger-fucked my ass, adding a new dimension of pleasure to the sensory overload I was already experiencing.  At some point Laura pulled out her finger and slid in something else.  It was a little thicker than a finger and I assumed it was a butt plug, but then it started vibrating quietly. “Here’s my first purchase,” she said as her mouth left my cock. “It’s a fun little plug I’ve used on myself before.”  I laid there gasping, my fingers digging into the blankets beneath me as Laura once more slipped my cock between her lips. Between her masterful oral ministrations and that vibrating plug, I was on edge in no time at all.  I tried to hold out, but to no avail.  With a loud grunt I came and was instantly lost in the pleasure.  So overwhelming were the sensations that I blacked out.  I must have been out for only a moment, for when I came to I could still feel the plug vibrating away and Laura was just finishing cleaning off my cock.

When Laura finished, she stood and crawled up beside me on the bed, leaving the plug humming away inside me. “Don’t think for a moment I’m letting you off that easy,” she said as she crawled further up and straddled my head, facing my feet. 

Her sex was still wet, and as she lowered it I reached up to meet it, once again reveling in her taste.  I stuck my tongue inside her and plunged it in and out as fast as I could. Focusing my attention on Laura’s pussy distracted me from the feel of the plug, but when Laura bent forward into a sixty-nine and started sucking on my cock again and my ability to focus on anything went right out the door. Laura ground her pussy hard against my face and fucked my tongue until she had a small orgasm.

 Immediately after cumming she hopped up and moved around until she was straddling my hips and was impaled upon my cock.  Once I was buried completely inside her something magical happened:  I could feel the plug vibrating straight through me, and by the way Laura smiled down at me I can only assumed she could feel it to.  At first Laura rocked her hips back and forth slowly, but she quickly increased her tempo until she was thrashing back and forth upon me.  I gripped her hips and rocked mine counterpoint to hers and in no time we exploded together, yelling and crying out in ecstasy as our bodies shook and writhed uncontrollably. Laura collapsed on top of me and we kissed passionately, gradually winding ourselves down.  Once we relaxed some, I pulled the plug out and we climbed completely onto the bed where we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

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