Heads and Tails, Part 67

Michael stepped forward and placed his hands on her shoulders. He slid them down her arms, but his fingertips barely connected with her skin as they went. He dropped to his knees as his hands went lower. His mouth was so close that Adrianna could feel his breath upon her stomach. When his fingers reached the tips of hers they jumped to her thighs and continued their trip downward.

Michael kissed her belly as his fingers reached her ankles. When he traced his fingers back up he kept them to the inside of her legs. When he reached the top of them his fingers brushed her pussy and Adrianna moaned. He kissed his way up her body and slipped a finger inside her cunt as his lips wrapped around her left nipple. She parted her legs and ran her fingers through his hair. When he felt her legs start to shake, Michael withdrew his finger and ran it over her clit. She ground her pussy against his hand and moaned.

Guiding her back to the bed, Michael sat her upon the edge of the mattress and laid her down. He kissed down her stomach and beyond until he was at the crest of her pelvic mound. He pulled back a couple of inches and gently blew out a stream of air at her hood. Adrianna shivered and sucked in her breath, and when Michael’s tongue flicked the little head beneath the hood she let the breath out with a loud moan.


As Michael went down on her, he couldn’t help but think about how odd it all was. Eating the pussy of the woman that was blackmailing him seemed odd on the surface, but it didn’t strike him as particularly out of the ordinary. That he was eating his second pussy of the night was not all that odd either. No, the weirdness he was wondering about was the way he wanted to please Adrianna. With Diane he wanted to make her cum, to satisfy her, but in the end it was a means to reach his own ecstasy. Why was Adriana’s pleasure suddenly more important than his own?

Adrianna sat up and pushed Michael back on his heels. “Woah, boy,” she said as she fanned herself. “I appreciate the enthusiasm, but three orgasms worth of oral leaves a woman a little sensitive.” She put her foot on his chest and pushed until he fell on his ass. “Don’t think that your done though.” Adrianna got on all fours on the bed. She slipped a pair of fingers into her pussy and brought them out slippery with her juices. She reached over her back and rubbed the cum slick fingers over her asshole. “Do a good job here and I’ll make sure you cum tonight,” she said over her shoulder.


The smile Adrianna did not see would have told her that if she were trying to push Michael’s limits she missed the mark by a mile. He stood up and approached her. He ran his hands over her perfect ass before leaning forward and running his tongue across the surface of her asshole. She cooed while he flicked his tongue back and forth and around the edges of her anus. Michael dove into his work with gusto. He stabbed her ass with his stiffened tongue and penetrated her with it. He fucked her ass with his tongue while she masturbated. When the orgasm hit her she yelled at the top of her lungs. Michael returned to licking her ass until she fell forward.

“Come here,” she said as she patted the bed beside her. Michael crawled onto the bed and laid beside her. He caressed her back with his fingertips while she made pleasant little contented sounds. She rolled onto her side to face him, and he drew lazy circles around her nipples with a finger. “You have definitely earned a little release,” she said as she grabbed his cock in her hand and smiled.

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