It happened again yesterday. Once might be an accident. Twice could be a coincidence. But three times? Three times meant it was not just my imagination. The only question remaining was what was I going to do about it?

Faye, my new summer intern, was a stunner. She was tall and thin with long red hair and a thick swath of freckles across her face. The day she started shadowing me I had to dig deep to keep from staring or letting the uncontrollable bulge in my pants become apparent. Her ready smile, green eyes, and ample breasts kept me on edge whenever she was around.

She was twenty and taking part in a creative writing degree program at the local college. I agreed to an intern when a school councilor called, so when she arrives at my door I was pleasantly surprised. I expected someone young, but in my mind it would be a teenage boy intent on being the next George R. R. Martin, not this young woman that still mourned the death of Robert Jordan.

Despite my arousal and the internal conflict it inspired, Faye and I worked well together. She wrestled my social media accounts into shape and helped me get organized in a way no one else had managed before. I helped her with her writing and soon moved a second writing desk into my office.

It was during our second month together that I got the first hint that she had more on her mind than just writing. She leaned over my desk beside me in order to read a paragraph I was stuck on. The top of her shirt hung open and I was given a tantalizing view of her pale, freckled breasts. My eyes lingered longer than was appropriate. Faye caught my eye an smiled, but she did not cover up and did not complain when I took another look.

A couple days later she walked into the office wearing some black yoga pants and a neon pink tee-shirt that hugged her curves tightly. I tried to focus on my work, but she was a whirlwind of activity that day and it seemed that every time I looked up she was bending over. Her ass was round and just big enough to make a man drool. At the end of the day I turned in my chair only to find her bent over in front of me. She was close enough I could have reached out and traced the outline of her pussy. Once again she looked back and caught my eye. She held the position for a minute longer before standing up, but her eye never left mine. She smiled and left me sitting there with growing erection.

Yesterday she came to the office, dropped her gym bag on the floor, and pulled her chair up beside mine. She leaned her head on my shoulder and sighed. It was not the first time we touched, but it felt very personal.

“Is something wrong?” I asked.

“No,” she said as she wrapped her hands around my bicep. “I did a bunch of writing last night and didn’t get to bed until late. I tried to workout this morning, but it only added sweaty and smelly to tired.”

“That’s okay,” I said as I turned to face her. She released my arm, but her hands fell onto my lap. I swallowed and took a deep breath. “Why don’t you go take a shower while I make a fresh pot of coffee and read your work from last night.”

“Are you sure? The writing is pretty rough. I haven’t even gone over it,” she said.

“That’s okay. I need a break anyway,” I said.

Faye leaned forward and kissed me on the cheek. That alone was nice, but her hands shifted and pressed against my cock. She held her position for a moment before sitting back and saying, “Thank you.” She stood up and grabbed her bag. “I’ll be quick,” she said.

“Take your time,” I said as she turned and headed down the hall. Once she was out of sight, I stood and adjusted the bulge in my pants so that my erection was a little less obvious.

I went to the kitchen and started making a fresh pot of coffee when Faye walked into the living room. Most of her was hidden from sight by the granite topped bar, but I could not miss her tits crammed inside her sweaty yellow sports bra. I tried to avert my eyes, but I could not. Her nipple pushed against the fabric and hypnotized me.

She did not cover up or act even slightly embarrassed. Instead she stood up on her toes and leaned over the bar. It took me a moment to shake off the site of her tits resting on the granite and realize she was handing me something.

“What’s this?” I asked.

“The story I was working on last night,” she said. “You still wanted to read it, right?”

“Yes. Yes. Of course. Thank you for remembering,” I said as I took the proffered papers.

“Great. I can’t wait to hear what you think,”she said before turning and walking down the hall. I watched her go and let out a quiet moan as she pulled off her bra before entering the bathroom and shutting the door.

That was three.

Hell. The whole morning was three. Who was I kidding? She was sending all the signals. All I had to do was reach out and take it. God how I wanted to, but there was one little problem: she was my intern.

I poured a cup of coffee and considered adding a healthy slug of Kahlua to it, but I took it and Faye’s stack of papers back to my desk and sat down. I closed my eyes and tried not to picture her in my shower. After a few deep breaths, I opened my eyes and grabbed a red pen from my desk drawer.

Faye’s writing had come a long way since she started as my intern. As I read through the opening pages of the story I grew proud of her. The grammar was solid and the writing prosaic. I might have taken some credit for the improvement, but the truth was that she was a natural and would have reached this quality without me if she kept at it.

On the third page the story took an unexpected turn. The protagonist’s car broke down during a storm. She called her boss, who lived nearby and asked for a ride. He picked her up and took her to his home to dry off. The tension between them sizzled. The air was filled with desire. When she stripped out of her wet clothes in front of him the tension broke like a thunderclap and they fell together on the thickly carpeted floor. From there the story evolved into well crafted erotica.

The first sex scene started fairly mundane, but quickly evolved into sex acts usually reserved for pornographic films. Once the scene played out and the story continued, I found myself skimming ahead, looking for the next scene. Anal sex and vibrating toys were the focus of the older employer and his young protege. Skimming further along I came across a scene where the protagonist convinces her boss to let her tie him up. The following pages were filled with graphic details about her showing him exactly who was boss.

“So what do you think?” Faye whispered in my ear. I might have jumped out my chair, but her hands were on my shoulders and kept me firmly in my seat. She moved her hands down to my chest and I could feel her breath on my ear. “I don’t normally write this sort of thing, but it just came to me while I was working.”

I swallowed and closed my eyes. It was going to happen. I was going to cross a line. The only real question was whether or not she was toying with me. “Sounds to me like you were feeling inspired,” I said.

Here fingertip rubbed my nipples through my shirt as she spoke. “I guess I was. You see, when I left here yesterday I couldn’t stop thinking about the way you looked at my ass.” I started to defend myself, but she continued whispering in my ear. “It’s okay. I like that you stare at my butt.” She kissed my earlobe. “I want you to look at it.”

“It’s hard not too,” I said. “I’ve tried, but I can’t stop myself.”

“It’s not the only thing you’ve been looking at,” she said as she pinched my nipples through my shirt.


“Did you peep on me while I was in the shower?” she asked.

“No, I was trying to behave,” I said while she kissed my neck.

Faye walked around me and stood between my leg. Her back was to me, and her naked ass was at eye level. She was not wearing a thing. The freckles extended well beyond her face and chest; they peppered her body from head to toe, or at least what I could see of it. Her well rounded ass hung before him and he desperately wanted to squeeze it, but she preempted his touch by sitting down on his lap. She could not have missed his erection if she tried, and when she felt it between her ass cheeks she wiggled a little to let me know she hadn’t. She laid back against me and held her manuscript in front of her. “Wow, you got pretty far along,” she said. “Did you read all of it?”

I reached around and ran my hands across her taught stomach. The feel of her warm skin beneath my fingers was a gift from heaven. I slowly slid them up her body as I said, “No. I tried, but I–”

“Skipped ahead to the good parts?”

“Yeah.” When my hands reached her breasts I cupped the generous globes and ran my thumbs over her little, pale, pink nipples.

Faye moaned and squirmed against me before regaining control and saying, “That’s okay. I do the same thing some times.” She paused as I pinched her nipples. “What was your favorite scene?”

I thought for a moment. There I was, fondling my intern’s amazing tits while she slowly ground her ass against my cock, and she asks me which scene I liked the best. I considered the options and answered honestly. “The third one.”

“Really? I would have thought the second scene given how into my ass you are,” she said as she rocked her hips, sliding my bulge up and down her ass.

“Oh, Faye, I’ve yet to get into your ass,” I said as I moved one hand down her body. I ran my fingers through the small tuft of red hair above her pussy before I pressed forward and parted her lips with my fingers. I searched out her clit and ran a finger back and forth across the tip before moving on and sliding a finger into her wet pussy. “The truth is I’ve never been with a woman who knew what to do with a tied up man.”

“I might have a few ideas,” Faye said as she ground her cunt against my fingers.

“So I read.” I added another finger to the first and reveled in the moans it earned. “You have a very vivid imagination.”

“Let me show you,” she said. “I know you want me. You’ve wanted me since I first walked in your door. You don’t have to hold back anymo–.” Her words cut off as she orgasmed. She twitched on my hand until the effects subsided.

I pulled my fingers from her pussy and brought it to her mouth. I pushed them past her lips and she greedily sucked on them. “You’re right. It’s been hard to keep my head clear when you are around. Every night I lie in bed and stroke my cock while thinking of you.” I pulled my fingers from her mouth and said, “Now tell me what you want.”

Faye stood up and turned around. She was beautiful; a young goddess standing before me with her cum dripping down her pale thighs. She did not smile as she said, “I want to give you a fucking you will never forget.” She leaned forward and kissed me. Her tongue entered my mouth and wrestled with mine. It was not the longest or deepest of kisses, but it was a kiss that scratched the surface of possibility and it left me wanting more.

“This will change things,” I said as she kissed my neck. I ran my hands from her shoulders down to her lower back ad I continued. “It may well ruin what we have here.”

She laid her head upon my shoulder and ssid, “It might not. It might make it better. Either way, I don’t care any more.” I knew she was wrong, but I did not care either.

I grabbed her ass in both hands and set her on the edge of my desk. Faye spread her legs wide as I knelt between them. I took a moment to appreciate the beauty of her pussy. There was not a hair to be seen other than the little tuft of red above it. The lips glistened and the tip of her clit peeked from beneath its hood. I cannot remember a time I wanted to taste a pussy as much as in that moment.

I kissed her clit before sucking it I between my lips. I ran my tongue over the tip and Faye moaned. I played with her clit until she was quivering with excitement, and then I released it and moved lower, parting her lips with my tongue until I hit the entrance. I pushed my tongue deep inside and fucked her with my face.

Faye grabbed my head in her hands and urged me on, pulling me against her cunt while she ground it against me. “Oh fuck,” she said as her pussy contracted and I was treated to a warm rush of fresh nectar. She had the sweetest pussy I ever tasted and it got better with each moment.

I stood up and kissed her. She moaned into my mouth as our tongues wrestled between us. She reached for my belt and quickly unbuckled it and unbuttoned my pants. Faye reached into my boxers and grabbed ahold of my cock. She gasped and broke our kiss. “Oh my God. It feels huge.” She pushed me back and hopped off the desk. She grabbed the waist of my pants and boxers and pushed it all down.

My cock stood out at full attention. It’s not the longest dick you’ll ever see, but it is thicker than most and that always seemed to be enough. Faye grabbed hold of it and gave it a gentle tug. “Now this is what I’ve been dreaming about,” she said. She pushed me down into my chair. “I have wanted to suck your cock in this chair since the day I first got here.” She cupped my balls in her hand. “And now I get to.”

Faye knelt on the floor between my knees. She kneaded my balls while staring at my cock. “Now that I have it, I’m not sure where to start,” she said.

I grabbed hold of my cock and pressed my fingers against the base. I slowly moved my hand up the shaft, pushing out a thick drop of precum. “I would suggest starting with a little taste,” I said.

Faye smiled and leaned forward. She stretched out her tongue and licked the cum from my tip. She pulled it into her mouth and closed her eyes. “Mmm that is good.” She opened her eyes and smiled. “I think I’d like some more.”

As soon as the words left her mouth, Faye dove forward and took my cock into her mouth. Her lips stretched wide as she tried to take me into her throat. She pulled back and focused on licking and sucking on the head until the saliva was flowing down the length of my dick.

She pumped me with one hand while she tried to take me all the way once more. She took it slow and succeeded in taking me into her throat. I cannot remember the last time a woman was able to manage that, but this young woman managed it without much difficulty. She held me there while her tongue snaked about the length of my cock. When she pulled back she stopped short of releasing me and plunged all the way down once more. She fucked me with her mouth until my ass lifted from the chair. She released my cock from her mouth, but continued to stroke it with her hand.

“I cannot wait to feel that thing in my cunt,” Faye said as she looked up at me.

“Why wait?” I asked.

Faye stood and I kicked off my shoes and pants while she pulled my shirt up over my head. I scooped her up in my arms and carried her down the hall. Playing in the office was fun, but things were about to get a whole lot more serious.

I set her down on my bed and Faye rolled over and got on all fours. Her round little ass, shaved pussy, and pale pink asshole presented themselves before me. My cock bobbed with excitement.

I bent over and ran my tongue over Faye’s asshole, making her whimper and push back. I used my fingers to massage her clit and enter her pussy while I ate her ass. Soon she was moaning loudly and her pussy was dripping wet. I stood up, grabbed my cock in my hand and pressed the tip against her waiting cunt. “Are you ready for this?” I asked.

She looked back at me and said, “Don’t you dare be gentle with me.”

I smiled. “As you wish.” I gripped her hips and pulled her onto my cock as I thrust forward. She groaned as I impaled her upon my cock and again when I withdrew. With each subsequent thrust her pussy grew wetter and she grew louder.

“Cumming! Oh my God. I’m cumming, ” she shouted. Her arms shook and she collapsed onto the bed. Only my grip on her hips kept me from falling out, but I continued to ram into her. Each thrust brought a guttural, animalistic noise from deep inside Faye. She reached between her legs and fondled my balls. “You can cum inside me,” she said between grunts.

It was a risk. Maybe this was all an elaborate trap. If she got pregnant it would definitely change our relationship, but something primal inside me did not care about the consequences. I thrust harder until I hit my breaking point. I cried out with the release as I filled her pussy with my seed.

Cum dripped down her thighs when I pulled out. I rubbed the head of my slippery dick against Faye’s asshole. She squirmed and rocked her ass against my length until I started to soften. She rolled over and sat on the edge of the bed before taking my cock back into her mouth and sucking me clean.

I grabbed her shoulders stood her up. I leaned down and kissed her. The taste of us together was heavenly.

I pulled her tight against me before breaking the kiss. She pressed the side of her face against my chest. I could feel her smile against my skin. “That was amazing,” she said.

“Yes it was,” I said as I ran my hands down her back. “I can tell you one thing.”

“What’s that?” Faye asked as she reached around me and grabbed my sss.

“I don’t think we’re getting any more writing done today…”

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