A Pleasant Sort of Torture, part 19

I washed my face, pulled on my suit, and headed out to the pool with my cock aching and my balls throbbing. It wasn’t even mid day and I was considering breaking the rules set up by Rose. Being the slave was definitely outside of my comfort zone.

Rose and the boys were already in the pool splashing about, so I made my entrance by way of cannonball. The resulting splash set the boys laughing and Rose to swearing, which only made the boys laugh harder. We splashed about and swam for more than an hour. It was fun, but I never fully relaxed because Rose took every opportunity to keep me on edge.
At first they were subtle, a tongue across her lips, pressing her breasts together with her arms, or hooking a finger under the fabric of her bikini, but it started to escalate about half way through the swim. She started pressing her breasts against me or wrapping her legs around mine. Soon she was flashing her tits and ass when the boys weren’t looking. When she grabbed my cock through my swimsuit I knew she wasn’t going to keep swimming for long.

The boys declared they were ready to go inside and play some x-box, so I gave them my blessing. As soon as the door closed behind them Rose swam over to me, put her arms around my neck and kissed me. There was no romance in the kiss. It was lust and heat made physical, and I was all too happy to meet her passion for passion.

By the time we broke the kiss, her nipples were hard and and my cock was stiff. It would have been nothing for us to fuck right there in the pool. I could see it in her eyes that Rose wanted to do exactly that, but the moment I slipped a finger under the edge of her bikini bottoms that light disappeared and the thin veneer of control slipped back into place.

“You’re not breaking the rules now are you?” she asked.


Rose smiled and rubbed her mound against my covered cock. “Well you did do a good job before we got in the pool, so I’ll forgive this little mistake.” She pushed off of my chest and swam away to the shallow end of the pool. “Besides, I am ready to get out now,” she said as she climbed the stairs. I think I’ll do a little tanning.” She laid down on the reclining lounger most hidden from the house. I knew what would come next, and I tried not to look eager in the waiting. “Can you come and help me get some tanning oil on?” she asked.

I adjusted my dick so it was pointed down rather than poking out above my waistband. And then I made my way out of the pool.

The moment I stepped to the foot of the lounger, Rose spread her legs a little wider and made a show of adjusting her bikini bottoms. “I wanted to start with my back,” she said as she handed me the translucent brown bottle of oil. “No funny business this time,” she said as she rolled over. “I still owe you for that.”

“I look forward to it,” I said as I squirted a generous amount of oil onto my hands. I rubbed them together before placing them on the back of her right leg just above the ankle. I worked in the oil and massaged my way upward, but I stopped just short of the fabric of her bikini bottom. She moaned, but I did my best to ignore her. I squirted some more oil into my hands and did the same to her left leg.

“Undo my strap would you?” Rose asked.

I pulled the string that held her top in place and the knot unraveled with ease. I pushed the strings aside and poured some more oil into my hands. I started with her lower back, barely managing to resist the temptation to slip my fingers beneath her suit, and worked my way upward. I ran my fingers along her ribs, teasing the edges of her breasts before moving up to her shoulders and neck. Another squirt of oil and I massaged her arms all the way down to her fingertips. She was practically cooing by the time I was done and sat back.

“Thank you for that,” Rose said. She turned her head to the side and continued. “Why don’t you run inside, check on the boys, and bring back a couple beers.”

“I can do that,” I said as I stood up.

“Take your time,” she said.

Once inside the house, I scarfed down a quick sandwich and grabbed out a pair of beers from the refrigerator. I set them on the counter and checked on the boys. They were playing on their console and we’re so engrossed in the game that they barely registered my presence, much less my attempts to talk to them. Normally this would have pissed me off, but if they were distracted I would feel a little freer to act with Rose.

When I went back outside with a pair of beers in hand, Rose was still lying face down, but she was no longer wet or oiled to the point of being shiny. “A little refreshment,” I said as I sat down and held out a beer to her.

“Mmm yes,”she said as she took the beer and rolled onto her back. The bikini top fell away, but Rose did not bat an eye. She looked at me and said, “It’s not like you haven’t seen them before.”

“True, but I appreciate the view every time,” I said before taking a long pull at my beer. “The boys are busy with their games. I don’t think they even knew that I was there.” Rose sipped at her beer and let the condensation drip off the bottle and onto her breast. Her nipple grew stiff as the droplets rolled down to her stomach.

“Good,”she said. “Why don’t you oil up this side too.”

I stood and grabbed the bottle. “How thorough do you want me to be?” I asked as I squirted some oil into my hand.

“If it is not covered, you should put some oil on it,” she said as she took another drink.

I started with her feet and worked my way up. My fingers caressed her inner thighs close enough to the fabric that I could feel the heat of her pussy upon them. I bit my lip and moved on. Another squirt of oil and I moved on to her arms. I poured some more oil into my hands and rubbed them together before placing them on her stomach. I worked in the oil and moved up her body with deliberate slowness I did not go straight for her breasts, but worked around them, spreading the oil along her ribs, shoulders and collar bone. The occasional contact of my arms against her breasts made her shiver, but I continued to move around the edges.

I poured a little more oil on my hands and rubbed them together. I ran my hands along the underside of Rose’s tits and worked my way around them until they shined from the oil. Her nipples were the only place my hands did not go. I applied more oil and massaged her breasts with slow, gentle strokes.

When I felt Rose’s hand on my leg I smiled. When it  moved up the leg of my shorts I sighed. And when she stroked my cock I moaned.

Rose reached down and pulled the string that kept her bikini bottoms in place. She pulled the fabric away, exposing her dripping pussy, and said, “I think you missed a spot.”

I slid a hand down her body and rubbed the oil into her pelvic mound and around her lips, but never slipped between them. I wanted to, oh god how I wanted to, but she needed to beg for it before I would give in.

Moaning and writhing beneath my touch, Rose spread her legs further apart and shifted her hips, trying to get my fingers to brush against her clit or enter her pussy, but I only flirted with the edges. When I did run my finger over her lips and across her clit, her back arched and a loud moan escaped her lips.

Rose pushed up the leg of my trunks so that my cock was partially exposed. She grabbed my ass and pulled herself up so she could suck the head of my cock into her mouth. She did not have access to all of it, but she worked with what she had and my sense of control was lost in an instant. The head of my cock never left her mouth as she sucked and flicked her tongue about it.

My finger slid between her lips, and soon I was finger fucking her cunt to the same rhythm she sucked my dick to. She moaned as I hit her sweet spot and she tried to take me deeper into her mouth, but the shorts were proving troublesome.

“God damnit,” she said with a gasp as she released me from mouth. “Fuck.” She arched her back as an orgasm took her breath away. “Jesus.  Stop for a moment.” I stopped fucking her with my digits, but I didn’t withdraw them. “Okay, you take those shorts off and lay down. If you make me cum before you do, I’ll give you a fucking tonight that you will never forget.”

I took one quick look toward the house and decided the boys would stay engrossed in their video game for a little longer and we’d hear them if they decided to come out. I stripped off my trunks and laid down on the recliner. Rose climbed on top of me and settled into a sixty-nine. She ground her pussy against my mouth and took my cock into her throat. She sucked my cock like a woman possessed. She wanted my cum and wanted it now.

I wanted to feel her pussy on my dick, and making her cum first was my means to that end. I licked and sucked on her clit while I used my fingers to spear her cunt.

It was a race to a finish line we both wanted the other to cross first.

The previous teasing paid off for me within seconds. I flicked my tongue over her clit with short rapid strokes and her legs began to shake. Her pussy gripped my fingers in a velvety vice. Rose gasped as she pulled off my cock. “Oh fuck,” she growled as her cum dribbled down my chin. “Finger my ass,” she commanded before taking my cock back into her throat. I did as she asked and she bucked against my hand while she bobbed up and down on my cock. She came again and then again, but she never stopped sucking my cock. She started to pull off and dragged her teeth against my glands. So intense was the sensation that I came the moment my cock was released.

A long stream of cum splashed against her lips and another hit her chin before she opened her mouth and took me back inside. She sucked every remaining drop of cum from my cock before she rolled to the side and sat on the other recliner.

I sat up and the two of us sat there breathing heavy. Cum was smeared on both of our faces and tanning oil drip onto the pool deck from where we knocked it over during our little romp. We smiled and laughed  until it hurt.

“I suppose we should clean up,” I said.

“A quick skinny dip?” Rose said before wiping a drop of cum from her chin with a finger. She sucked it into her mouth and moaned quietly.

“That sounds about perfect.” I grabbed my trunks and made a quick dash to the pool. I dove in and set my trunks on the pool deck just in time to see Rose diving over me.

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