Justine Part I

It was nearly closing time when she opened the door.  She walked in like she owned the store and something told me that if she asked the right way I would give it to her.  “Hi there,” I called out.

“Hi.”  Her voice was rich, strong, like a woman who knew what she wanted, not some wilting flower unable to make up her own mind.  She looked at some of the books on display near the door with a casual air.

“Is there anything I can help you find?” I asked as I walked from behind my counter.  I hoped she needed something, anything, so long as she stayed in the store a little longer.  There was a magnetism to her that drew me closer, and I wanted it to last.

“I’m not sure,” she said, a slight pout to her lips, “I’m looking for something unusual, a little old and not as easy to find as one might hope.”  I now stood within a couple of feet of her.  She smelled of lilacs, soft and inviting.

“If you told me what you were looking for…” I offered as I stole a couple of glances at her.  She stood considerably shorter than myself, no more than five feet tall, and even with her rather impressive spiked heels, she barely reached my shoulders, yet she had an amazing figure which her low cut blouse and short skirt only accentuated. Her long black hair hung in loose ringlets down her back. Her eyes reminded me of uncut emeralds, mysterious in their depth, but sparkling as if the sun shone just for the honor of gracing them with light.

“I’m looking for a copy of Justine,” she said with a smile.

Justine. Where had I heard that name? I shook my head to clear my thoughts and it hit me with a flash.  It had to be it.  I hoped it was it.  “Justine.  The story by the Marquis de Sade?”

“Yes, that’s the one.” She grabbed my arm in excitement.

“I do have a couple of copies actually.  I keep them in a separate room so that the kids don’t get into them.  Would you like to see them?” I asked.

“Oh yes, very much so.” She continued to hold my arm as I lead her to the stairwell at the back of the store. “I was named after this book and I’ve been looking for a copy since college.”

“Your parents named you Justine?” I asked.  I wasn’t sure if I was turned on or weirded out by the thought.

“No, by the girls in my sorority.  They always said I was so busy looking for the nice guy that I couldn’t see that he just wanted to bite me in the ass.”  She smiled and laughed and I couldn’t help but laugh with her.  Who was this girl?

We reached the narrow stairs and I offered to let her go first.  As I climbed the stairs behind her I watched her well rounded bottom shift beneath her skirt with every step.  The higher we got the more the skirt inched upwards, revealing the tops over her stockings just before we reached the second floor.  Once I reached the top I stopped and tried to collect my thoughts, but it was not easy because the upstairs landing was short on space, so I stood precariously close to Justine.

“Um, its over here,” I stammered as I squeezed past. Justine’s body seemed to melt around mine as we touched and it was all I could do to keep from pausing basking in the warmth of her flesh so close to mine.  I stood at the door, fumbling with my keys, keenly aware of how closely she stood behind me. “I have to keep it locked so that only my very discerning clients can get to the books.”  I opened the door, flipped the light switch and walked into another small room lined with bookshelves.  There was one chair in the middle of the room and I explained it was for customers who wanted to have a quick read before buying.

Justine followed me in and closed the door behind her. “What a great little room,” she said as she eyed the titles lining the shelves.  “Why do you keep these books locked up?”

“Books end up in here for three reasons:  they’re old, they’re expensive, or they’re erotica.”  I looked through the shelves, searching out the 1953 English translation of Justine done by Wainhouse.  “This one happens to fall into all three categories,” I said as I pulled it from the shelf.  She did not say anything, so I assumed she had not heard me (I sometimes mumble a bit), but when I turned I realized it was more a matter of her being distracted rather than not hearing me.  She was standing near the door looking through a book of very artistic bondage photos and she was so intent on it that she must have forgotten I was even there because she was biting her lip and pinching a nipple through her blouse.

My luck is not good.  Hell, my luck is bad.  A gorgeous woman standing in a small, private room with me, and she was feeling herself up while looking at erotic photos is not something I would ever think possible, but there it was, happening.  I knew this was my chance to be spontaneous for a change, to take that risk and maybe, just maybe, get a little lucky.  I set the book down on the shelf and walked slowly to where she stood.  I moved behind her, standing close, but not touching, looking over her shoulder at the images that had her so aroused.

It appeared that she had barely gotten into the book since the pictures were still pretty tame (another twenty pages on and she’d start getting into the more hardcore looking stuff).  I bent down and kissed her lightly where her shoulder and neck met.  She moaned lightly and said, “That feels good.” I put my hands on her hips and kissed up her neck to her ear.  When I gave her earlobe a nibble, she dropped the book and turned, kissing me full on the lips.

It was like a switch had flipped.  Her tongue pushed past my lips and danced with my own while her hands worked busily at undoing my pants.  I ran my hands under her shirt and popped the clasp of her bra. When she finally got the belt undone and popped by button, I pulled her blouse and bra up over her head.  As I pulled her shirt and bra up, she went down.  Kneeling before me, the topless goddess quickly pushed my pants and boxers down around my ankles.  My cock stood at half mast looking her right in the eye.  She reached out with her tongue and licked the tip before licking and kissing down the length of my member.  I quickly kicked off my shoes and stepped out of my pants so that I was no longer hobbled before her, and the moment I spread my legs her hand was there, her fingers massaging the space behind my balls.  Once she kissed her way back up to the tip she slipped it into her mouth and looked up at me.  I smiled down at her as she started sucking hard on just the tip.

Her oral skills were incredible.  Somehow she knew exactly when and where to apply pressure for the maximum effect.  I was lost in a haze of pleasure as my cock slid past her lips, into her throat and out again.  I had never received such an intense blowjob before and I knew that if she kept it up I would not last much longer.  When she pulled me out of her mouth and started licking and nibbling her way down my length once more, I gasped out that I was going to cum. “Good,” was all she said as she once more swallowed my cock.

I wanted to hold out, to last a little longer, but I knew I was at the point of no return.  I grabbed her head and began fucking her mouth in earnest.  Her throat opened with ease and accepted me without complaint.  Her tongue seemed to be everywhere at once and when she reached up and grabbed my ass with both hands I immediately unleashed a torrent of cum.  She greedily swallowed all that she could, and when I finished firing the last stream, she proceeded to lick and suck on me some more, milking every last drop from me.

Having finished her work she stood up and I kissed her hard, tasting myself in her mouth.  She quickly unbuttoned my shirt as our tongues danced and I knew that I had to take the initiative here or this encounter would be entirely too short.  As my shirt hit the floor I turned her around so that she was standing in front of the chair.  I kissed my way back down her neck to her ample breasts while I used my hands to remove her skirt. I was pleased to find only a garter belt and stockings beneath it.  I pushed her down into her chair and she immediately parted her legs for me.  Her clean shaven pussy shined from the moisture of her own excitement.  Hers lips were swollen and puffy, begging for attention and even her clit was poking out from beneath its hood.  All of this I took in during the fraction of a moment it took me to fall to my knees before her.

I immediately began licking and nibbling at her lips, teasing her with quick little slips inside her.  Justine moaned and shifted her hips so that I had greater access to her and I chose not to waste it. I tried to push two fingers inside her pussy, but found it was so tight that only one would work well, so I finger fucked her with my long middle finger, curling it up to reach for her g-spot while I sucked and licked her wonderfully hard clit.  She immediately began bucking her hips and grabbed my head, holding me to her clit while a series of small orgasms shook through her.  My hand was so wet from her cum that I decided to once again try a second finger.  She was still very tight, but this time I managed to keep it in there.  It was only a matter of moments before a much larger orgasm ripped through.  She was moaning loudly and pushing my head down. “Lick my pussy, taste my cum,” she demanded.  I did as she asked, savoring the wonderfully sweet flavor of her nectar until she pushed me away.

She was gorgeous, sitting in the chair, legs spread.  She was pinching her nipples hard and breathing heavy, trying to come down from the pinnacle she had achieved.  I sat back on my heels, wiping the cum from my face, watching her.  When she opened her eyes she looked at me and smiled.  She looked down and saw that I was once again hard (thinking about how that small pussy of hers would feel around my cock went a long way towards such a quick recovery), and she smiled even more broadly. “Your turn in the chair, lover,” she cooed as she stood and stepped to the side.

I did as she asked and took my place on the edge of the chair.  Once again Justine fell to her knees and sucked my cock, only this time it was slower, more teasing.  She used her hands to spread my legs and touch the places then exposed.  Her fingers massaged my balls, caressed the place below my sack and even massaged my anus.  It was a blowjob to die for.  She brought me up, letting me get close before applying pressure in just the right place so that I would back away from the precipice upon which I teetered.

It was after one of these little cool downs that she stood up, turned her back to me and slowly impaled herself upon my member.  Her pussy was tighter and felt better than I could have possibly imagined.  Never before had I been inside a woman whose sex gripped me in such a way.  Up and down she slid upon my shaft, slowly bringing me toward an orgasm once again.

Somehow she knew I was getting close again, so she pulled all the way off of me, turned and bent at the waist to take me into her mouth once again.  Watching my cock, covered in her cum, sliding back between her lips was truly amazing and threatened to send me over the edge, but she used her hand to apply pressure at the base of my member and kept me from cumming yet again.  I moaned and gasped at the twin sensations of ecstasy and agony.  Looking up I saw the curve of the top of her ass before me.  I immediately licked my fingers, which still tasted of her, and reached out over her back, seeking the little bud I knew to be there.  I quickly found it and rubbed my fingers around and against it, eliciting a moan from Justine.  When I pushed a fingertip inside she immediately released the pressure point and deep throated me with the same frantic pace that she started the encounter with.

I could feel myself racing towards orgasm, but rather than stop me, Justine simply pulled my cock from her mouth and climbed into my lap, once again impaling herself upon my length. I sought out her asshole while she ground herself against me.  She began panting and kissed me hard. It was almost violent in its delivery.  She sucked my tongue into her mouth and sucked it like she was giving it head. Her nails dragged their way across my back.  I exploded inside her, my seed filling the small space available and leaking back out, covering my balls and thighs.  Moments later her vise like pussy clamped down on my shaft even harder and I could feel the flood of her cum joining my own.  She released my tongue and bit my lip as she rode me through a couple of smaller orgasms before collapsing against my chest.

Justine kissed me once more, slowly, before she climbed off of my lap, and knelt on the floor.  She quietly licked and sucked all of our mixed nectar from my cock and balls before standing up.  “Well that was certainly better than finding the book,” she said with a smile as she gathered up her clothes and slowly put them back in place.

“It certainly was,” I replied as I stood and picked the book back off the shelf, “but we found the book as well.”

Her eyes sparkled as her smile grew bigger, “Oh really?  Well wouldn’t you know I left my wallet at home.”  She opened the door and stepped half way out. “I guess I’ll have to come back tomorrow with it.”  She closed the door behind her as she left.  I hurriedly put my clothes back on and rushed out after her, but she was no longer in the store as I ran down the stairs.  I smiled and wondered if she would actually be back.

When I got back to the counter I received my answer.  Sitting next to the register was a quickly written note:

I’ll be back at 2:00 tomorrow for the book.  Maybe you can close the store early and show me more of your private collection.


I read the note three or four times before it completely sunk in.  I spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning up the room and looking for just the right book to share with Justine, my seeker of purity.

27 thoughts on “Justine Part I

    1. I’m glad you liked it! IIts always good to get the blood pumping first thing in the morning…and so much better than jogging.


  1. Oh my word!
    Amazing story – especially for a book worm like me that imagines a little room for books
    I have book marked this page and will be saving the next instalment for tomorrow to make ths blog last – love it!!!


      1. snuck back looking for this and a bit of digging and here it is 🙂 – any way you could categorise the storys with more than one post so tht little story worms like me can eailsy moe from part to part? loving your blog as always ~Esme Aka S/subtext


      2. I added a couple of new categories so that the Heads and Tails or the Pleasant Sort of Torture stories can be found more easily. I’ll add categories for the other stories later.


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