Heads and Tails, Part 68

Adrianna stared into Michael’s eyes as she stroked his cock. Copious amounts of precum dripped from the tip and she smeared it about with her thumb. “You are already close, aren’t you?” she asked.

“Yes, Mistress,” Michael said. He hated to admit it, but servicing her left him aching and he would have done almost anything for some release.

“Good. I can’t stay long. I have some things to take care of tonight, otherwise I might just drag this out all night,” she said as she tightened her grip on his cock. “You’ve been a good boy tonight, so I’ll give you something more than a handjob.” She pushed him onto his back and climbed on top of him. Her legs straddled his hips, but she did not let him enter her no matter how tempting the prospect. She lowered herself so that she pinned his cock to his stomach beneath her and put her hands on his chest. “You haven’t earned the right to fuck me yet, but I’ll give you a little taste of what you’re missing.”

Adrianna shifted her hips and slid her pussy along the length of Michael’s cock and back again. Michael’s back arched as her pussy slid over his tip. She held it there and teased his cock head with the opening of her pussy, but she slid back rather than let him enter.

Michael lost track of time and how often he almost penetrated her. His body was on fire. Every nerve was pushed to the limit of its capacity. When she traced her fingertips over his chest he moaned. When she shifted her position so that her clit was dragged up and down his length he began to shake. 

Adriana leaned forward until her forehead was pressed against his. Her hips never stopped moving, and her new position pushed her clit over  the glands beneath Michael’s cock head. “You’ve been good tonight. You have lasted far beyond my expectations,  but it is time to let go. Cum for me, Michael.”

It was as if she flipped a switch inside his brain. All of the tension building up inside him since the moment he saw her in the bar came rushing to the front in an instant. She kissed him and his world exploded. Stream after stream of cum shot out of Michael’s cock and splashed upon their stomachs. They slid together as Adrianna ground her clit against his cock and got herself off in the process.

Once their orgasms stopped they broke the kiss and rolled apart. Adrianna looked at the clock on the night stand and said,”I have a little time left. Why don’t we get in the shower and clean each other off?”

“Sounds good,” Michael managed to say despite his inability to see straight. 

They rolled off the bed and helped each other into the bathroom. Michael turned the shower on and cranked the heat up high. Soon a thick cloud of steam filled the room. Adrianna stepped into the shower and beckoned Michael to follow. She stepped into the water and let it run over her.  She turned her back to Michael and said, “Wash me.” 

It was a command, not a request, but Michael did not mind and was soon lathering up with a bar of soap and spreading the suds over her back. He ran his hands over every inch of her and Adrianna did not stop him. She turned around and he washed the front of her body with just as much attention. When his hand went over her pelvic mound,  Adrianna spread her legs further apart and let him explore her pussy with his fingers, but he withdrew them before her arousal became consuming. 

“Two can play that game,” she thought as she took the bar of soap in hand.

Once she had a good amount of lather in her hands, Adrianna ran her hands over Michael’s chest, and then lower, taking her time on his stomach before grabbing hold of his cock. She covered his shaft and balls with the soap and stroked his cock while staring into his eyes. It stiffened within seconds, but Adrianna maintained a slow steady pace that left Michael moaning.

“If I didn’t already have plans this weekend I would be tempted to stay and have my way with you until you leave,” she said as she flicked her thumb across his glands. “I don’t want you to backslide while you’re away, so I’ll be checking in with you everyday. I’m sure you’ll find someone to fuck while you’re away, but remember that this cock is mine.” She grabbed his testicles and gave them a squeeze. “Be honest with me and stay out of trouble. I will reward you when you return.” She increased the tempo of her stroking until she felt his balls tighten, and then she released him and stepped back.

Michael stepped forward until his throbbing member touched Adrianna’s stomach. The hot water rinsed the soap from their bodies, but did little to diminish the raging lust they fought against.

Adrianna reached behind her back and turned off the water. “Grab a towel and dry me off,” she said.

Michael pushed aside the shower curtain and grabbed one of the large white towels from the shelf. He ran it over Adrianna’s body from her shoulders to her feet. When she stepped out of the shower he dried himself off while doing his best to ignore his still erect cock.

The sight of Adrianna pulling her dress back on greeted Michael as he left the bathroom. She looked him over and smiled when her vision rested upon his erection. “Poor thing,” she said as she settled the fabric into place over her breasts. “I would offer to help, but I really do need to get going. Feel free to take care of that yourself.”

“Yes, mistress,” Michael said as he watched her walk to the door. 

“Thank you, Michael. I much prefer this arrangement to our previous one,” she said.

Michael walked across the room as Adrianna opened the door. He stopped before her, his nudity obvious to anyone that should walk by his room. “May I have a kiss goodnight?” he asked.

Adrianna grabbed his head between her hands and pulled his face down to hers. She pressed her lips to his and held them there as long as she dared. When she released him, she stepped into the hall and said, “Thank you again. Sleep well and I will talk to you on Monday.”

The door closed behind her and Michael was left on his own. He looked down at his cock and sighed. He should be satisfied for the night, but Adrianna left him needing more. He looked at the clock sitting on the nightstand. It was late, but not so late that he could not find a willing partner.

A quick dirty fuck was in order, and he knew just where to find one.

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