After Midnight

“Wake up, Martin.” Cindy hovered mere inches above him, watching him sleep. She did not do it often, but it was a special night. It was Halloween. More precisely it was the night before Halloween,  but it was nearly midnight, so she wasn’t going to quibble. “Martin, please. It’s important.”

She wanted to shake him, but being a ghost made that impossible. Cindy pursed her lips, took in a deep breath (at least she pantomime doing so, and yelled, “Martin!” The curtains fluttered, the light in the bathroom flickered, and the glass of ice water shimmers across Martin’s night stand until it fell on the floor with a bang.

Martin sat straight up and looked around. “What was that? What happened? Who’s there?” His eyes were wide as he frantically looked about the room. Such was his state of panic that he did not notice Cindy suspended through the middle of his chest.

“Sorry, Martin,” Cindy said. “I didn’t mean to scare you.”

“Gah!” Martin yelled and rolled out of bed, and out of Cindy, onto the floor. “Damn it, Cindy. You know how much I hate that,” he said as he rubbed his head.

She knelt on the floor beside him. “I’m sorry, Martin. I didn’t mean to.”

“Didn’t mean to what? Wake me up, or cover me in ectoplasm?” he asked.

“You’re not covered in ectoplasm, Martin,” Cindy said as she looked him over. “In fact you’re not covered with anything except a little hair.”

“Like you’re one to talk,” Martin said. When Cindy was visible she was completely naked. She said it had something to do with the conservation of energy, or not being able to manifest clothing with her limited spiritual strength, but Martin suspected that she simply liked shocking him.

Cindy made a show of taking in a deep breath and thrusting out her apple sized breasts. “Awww, Martin, you know I can’t help that,” she said.

“Mmhmm.” Martin got off the floor and sat on the edge of his bed. “So why did you wake me up? I have to work tomorrow.”

Cindy drifted up through the bed and settled upon it beside Martin. “You need to call in tomorrow,” she said.

“I can’t do that,” Martin said. “I’ve only got a couple of days left until the end of the year.”

“But you have to. Please, Martin. You know I wouldn’t ask if it wasn’t important,” Cindy said.

Martin let out a heavy sigh. “You know you can exhale now,” he said. Cindy breathed out an imaginary breath and smiled. “What is so important that I need to take the day off tomorrow?”

“It’s a little embarassing,” Cindy said.

“Are you blushing?” Martin asked. Being semi-transparent made such subtleties difficult to detect.


“Well what is it? You don’t have to be embarrassed around me,” Justin said with a laugh.

She looked away from him and said,”It is Halloween tomorrow.”

“Right. I almost forgot,” Martin said. “So what, you want me to take you trick or treating?”

“Will you be serious? Halloween is the day when the connection to the spirit world and physical world is the strongest,” Cindy said. “On that day spirits can interact with the living.” She was quiet for a moment and looked at Martin before saying, “We can feel each other.”

Martin sat still as he absorbed what she said. “Wait, you mean you could touch me?”

“Or you could touch me,” she said as she snuggled up to him and ran her fingertips down his leg.”

Martin jumped up from the bed and Cindy squeeled as they realized they both could feel Cindy’s hand upon Martin’s thigh.

“Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God.” Cindy shook her hands before her as she stared at them. “You felt that, right?” She asked. “It was not my imagination?”

“No, I felt it too,” Martin said. “Wow. I can’t believe it.”

“I know. Oh my God I’ve missed it,” she said as she stood up. “Come here, Martin.” He didn’t move, but looked at her. “Nothing bad is going to happen. I’m not going to steal your life force or anything.”

“Holy shit. Is that a thing?” he asked.

“I don’t know,” Cindy said. “It sounded like something out of the movies.”

“Damn it, this is serious,” Martin said.

“I am serious. Nothing bad is going to happen,” Cindy said. “Now get over here.”

Martin stepped up to Cindy, but he hesitated, unsure how to proceed. He could see every detail of her naked form, but she still appeared intangible. Cindy was much more confident and put her hands on either side of his head. She pulled him down until his lips touched hers. He closed his eyes and reached out for her.

Closing his eyes helped. It kept him from bring distracted by her translucence. He felt her skin, smooth and cool to the touch, beneath his fingers. He kept his hands on her waist at first, but as their kiss deepened, his hands moved up her back and he pulled her body to his. The cool touch of her body grew warmer by the moment. When Martin opened his eyes he was suprised to find that she was no longer diaphanous.

Martin broke the kiss to say somethin, but at that moment, Cindy reached down grabbed hold of his cock. He tipped his head back and moaned as she stroked him. She kissed his neck , and then she kissed her way down his body until she was kneeling before him.

“You have no idea how long I have wanted to do this,” Cindy said before kissing the tip of his cock. “Every time I got a look at your cock I wished I could touch it.” She slid her delicate fingers up and down his shaft. “And taste it.” She licked the underside of Martin’s dick before taking the tip between her lips.

Martin gasped as she took his entire length into her mouth. There was no saliva, but something about her mostly corporeal state made that okay. Martin’s cock slid past her lips and into her throat effortlessly and it felt as if his dick was running past silk and velvet.

Cindy licked and sucked every inch of his cock until he felt like he was about to cum. He pulled out of her mouth and coaxed her into standing. They kissed again and he tasted himself on her lips. He broke the kiss after a moment, kissed her neck while he grabbed her ass in both hands, and pulled her against his body. She moaned and dragged her nails up his back. Martin turned and set her on the bed so that she was sitting on the edge. 

He kissed down her neck to her chest and took a nipple into his mouth. He sucked on it until it became hard between his lips. He switched to the other nipple, and as he did so he slipped his hand between her legs and slipped a finger inside her pussy. At first he was treated to that same velvet and silk sensation, but it soon gave way to a more traditionally tight, wet pussy. Martin released Cindy’s nipple and looked at her with an eyebrow raised.

“Ectoplasm,” Cindy said. “It’s normal. It won’t hurt you.”

Martin shrugged and said, “Good enough for me.” He kissed between her breasts, down to her stomach, and to her belly button. He knelt between her legs and looked at her clean shaven pussy. Much like the rest of her there was a an ethereal quality to it, but he could feel the heat coming off of it and the moisture between the lips looked natural enough, so Martin leaned forward and slipped his tongue inside her cunt.

Cindy’s pussy tasted like no other pussy he ever encountered. It had that same sweet and spicey flavor he enjoyed so much, but there was a hint of something else, cinnamon. The difference turned him on even more. He tongue fucked her as deeply as he could. Her back arched as she cried out in ecstacy. She grabbed his head in her hands and rocked her hips. Martin adjusted his position so that he could take her clt between his lips while ramming a pair of fingers into her pussy. He sucked on her clit and fingered her cunt until she came so hard that she became translucent once more.

Once Cindy regained control, she pushed Martin away and said, “I want to fuck you, Martin. I want you to cum inside me.”

Martin stood up and followed Cindy onto the bed. She spread her legs and he slid inside her with ease. His gentle stokes pleased her at first. She moaned with each thrust, but it did not take long for her to want more.

Cindy wrapped her arms around Martin and rolled him over without allowing his cock to exit her pussy. She maneuvered herself so that she was straddling his waist. She put her hands on his shoulders and slowly lifted her ass. Martin grabbed her tits and flicked his thumbs over her nipples. She slammed her ass down, ramming Martin’s cock deep inside her. They moaned together and Cindy repeated the motion. Faster and harder she fucked him until a series of orgasms tore through her and left her weak.

She laid down on Martin’s chest without letting his still hard cock slip from inside her. He ran his hands up and down her back as she recovered. His need to continue was intense and uncomfortable, but this was her first sex since her death thirty years earlier. If he had to wait for a few minutes then he was willing.

Martin felt her lips on his collar bone. She kissed along it until she got to his neck and shifted her attention there. Martin ran his hands past the small of her back and grabbed an ass cheek in each. He slipped his cock out a couple of inches before pushing it back in with deliberate slowness.

Cindy moaned and arched her back. “God that feels good,” she said.

“Yes it does,” Martin said. He was creeping ever closer to that point of no return. He did not know if ghosts could get pregnant, but he certainly did not think so.

“What do you want me to do?” she asked as she started pushing back against my thrusts.

“It’s up to you. This is your one day for this sort of thing. Why don’t you pick?” He spread her cheeks apart and ran a finger across her spectral asshole.

“I think you do have a little something in mind after all,” she said as she forced herself back hard enough to make Martin arch his back. “Well as it happens, I would like that as well.”

Martin rolled them over and pulled out of her pussy. He knelt between her legs and smiled. Her pale white outer lips were swollen and damp. He hated to be on the outside, but when she rolled onto her belly, and raised her ass up into the air, Martin knew that he was in for a treat.

Martin bent down and rammed his tongue into her ass. Cindy squealed and pushed back against his face. He tongue fucked her while she stroked her clit until she begged for him to fuck her ass.

“You don’t have to be gentle,” Cindy said as Martin rubbed the head of his cock against the soft pink of her anus. “I’m ready for it.”

Grabbing Cindy by the hips, Martin pushed his cock into her ass and continued he thrust until his balls were resting against her cunt. She as right; Cindy’s pussy felt like a tight velvet glove around his cock, but here was no discomfort for either of them. Martin pulled back until only the head remained inside before reversing course and slaming his length into her once more. They grunted and moaned in unison as their fucking grew rhythmic.

Cindy cried out as she came hard enough to leave her legs trembling. It was enough to push Martin over the edge and soon he was grunting and shooting rope streams of cum into her ass. When he pulled out the cum did not flow out of her. It was as if the sphincter locked her exit down tight rather than let his seed escape.

He laid down beside her and she snuggled up close beside him. He knew it had to be his imagination, but he would swear she was warmer now than when they started. He ran his hands through her hair and smelled the perfume and sweat on her skin.

“How is it I can smell you now,” he asked.

Cindy traced her fingers over his chest in lazy circles. “It’s the cum. The more of it I take in the more real I become. Scent, taste, sounds, touch; all of it grows in detail withe every time you cum inside me. It has to do with the transfer of energy.”

“It’s not dangerous is it?”

“Not a bit,” Cindy said. “In fact, I think you will benefit from it a lot.” She smiled and pinched his nipple. “So what do you say?”

Martin smiled and said, “I think I’ll be calling in sick tomorrow.”




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