Like Old Times – Part 3

We stopped in front of the house. Carmen squeezed my hand and said, “I’ll go first.” She kissed me on the cheek. “I’ll see you in the morning.”

I stood outside for another ten minutes wishing I still smoked. It is a filthy habit, but it was a great way to calm my nerves, and I could use all of the calming options at my disposal. I hated the way Frank could push my buttons. I was a grown man, with a job, a house, and a life of my own, but one evening back and I was ready to turn tail and run.

I shook my head, stuffed my hands in my pockets, and marched up the walkway. I entered the house and locked the door behind me.The light above the stone was still on and I could hear Frank snoring down in his basement filled with porn.

I shuddered at the thought of the old man sitting in his dirty recliner, pants around his ankles and his pecker clinched tight in his fist. It is not luke my opinion of the man could get any lower, but knowing about his collection added an extra level of creepy to the man and the house I grew up in.

I grabbed a quick drink of water and headed up to my room. I stopped outside Carmen’s room and considered going in. She wouldn’t mind. Hell, she probably expected it, but I was not in the mood to be quiet. If I entered that room the entire neighborhood would hear it. I turned my back on her door and entered my old room. I undressed and crawled into bed. I stared at the ceiling, struggling to settle my thought and go to sleep when I heard my cell phone chime. I grabbed it from my nightstand and saw there was a waiting text message.

Carmen: I thought you were going to come in.

I looked at the words and smiled. When a picture of her frowning follwed I almost laughed.

Steven: I thought about it. Decided it was better not to.

Carmen: Why?

Steven: I didn’t want to wake the house.

Carmen: It wouldn’t be the first time you had to gag me.

Steven: I would rather hear you scream.

The announcement of incoming texts stopped. I stared at the screen for a minute before clicking it off and setting it aside. It was late and she probably went to sleep when she knew she wasn’t getting fucked again. 

I was about to doze off myself when my phone chimed. I reached for it and opened the new message from Carmen. There were no words, just a picture of her tits pressed together.  The next picture was of her pinching a nipple, and then a shot of her clean shaven and glistening cunt. 

Despite the fact that I had already fucked her twice in the last few hours didn’t seem to matter as I looked at the pictures and became aroused. I stroked my cock as I cycled through the photos and wished I had risked a visit to her room.

Carmen: Your turn.

I smiled and sent her a pic of my extended tongue, my nipples, and finally the head of my cock.

Carmen: Looks good.

Another stream of pictures showed her fingers in her pussy and in her mouth. She was as into this as I was. When there was a pause in the action I sent her more pictures. I snapped a shot of the generous drop of precum sitting on my tip, my thumb spreading it around and my hand gripping my balls.

The next photo from her was not a photo at all, but a short video clip. Her fingers rammed into her cunt over and over. The only sounds were her heavy breathing and the rhythmic squelching sound of her fucking herself . When she came her hips bucked and moaned steady stream of cum spilled onto the bed leaving a dark wet stain.

Carmen: Your turn.

Steven: I could come to your room.

Carmen: You missed your chance. Now cum for me.

I smiled and shook my head. I set the camera up to record and aimed it at my cock. I stroked it from balls to tip and back again. I sped up the pace until I was thrusting with my hips, pushing my pole through my grip with urgency.

I could have held out. I could have stretched out the fun for hours, but I didn’t want to. I wanted her to regret her decision to tell me no. I grunted and shot the first stream of cum up the length of my body leaving a long white line of sticky fluid from my collar bone to my belly button. Another stream joined the first and then a third. The remaining spurts did not carry so much distance, but their collective content left a pool of cum on my stomach.

I sent the video and waited.

Carmen: Wow.

Steven: Come clean the mess you made.

I set aside the phone and waited, lying on my childhood bed, covered in my own cum.

I almost drifted off to sleep when I heard the door open. Carmen slipped into the room and shut the door behind her. She tip toed up to the side of my bed and looked down at me. Her pale green nighty did little to cover her; only the dark concealed the fine details of her body. She bent over and licked the cum from my chest before turning and lapping at the cum on my belly.

Presented with her ass within teach, I caressed the firm, round cheeks before slipping a hand between her legs an rubbing her pussy through her matching panties. Carmen moaned quietly as she sucked and licked up the last of the seed from my stomach. I fingered her opening through her panties and Carmen took my cock into her mouth. 

I had planned on sending her back to her room unsatisfied, but the feel of her tongue on my dick made me change course. I guided her onto the bed with me into a sixty-nine. I pushed aside her panties and explored her pussy as deeply as I could manage with my tongue. 

Carmen moaned around my dick as she came in my mouth. I swallowed  all I could before pulling away from her cunt. I bit my lip to keep from making too much noise as I filled her throat with seed. She slowly pulled off my dick, but licked and sucked it until I was completely clean. 

Carmen rolled off the bed and stood beside me. She bent over and kissed me before turning and leaving.

A few minutes later my phone chimed.

Carmen: Good night.

Steven: Good night.

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