Heads an Tails, Part 69

Michael got dressed and grabbed a small bottle of lube from one of the gift baskets stashed in one of the nighstand cabinets. He stuck it in his pocket, checked his appearance in the mirror once more, and headed out the door.

The halls were empty  except for the occasional maid or waiter with a room service cart, and the elevator was empty all the way down to the lobby. When the elevator doors opened it was as if Michael stepped into another world. Men and women walked through the lobby in pairs and alone. At the center of it all was the bar that Michael had started his night in.

Rather than take a table, Micheal stepped up to the bar and took a seat upon one of the low backed stools. Sally looked at him and held up a finger as she finished pouring a beer for a bespectacled man with a moth eaten beard. He tried to talk with her, and she appeared to be paying attention, but she deftly avoided his drunken flirtations. A couple of minutes later he placed some cash on the bar and walked away.

Sally gathered up the stray bills, placed then in the till, and walked toward Michael. “What can I do for you?” she asked.

“Maker’s Mark neat,” he said as he appreciated her manufactured cleavage.

She pulled down a bottle and filled the glass with the amber liquid. She placed it upon a napkin in front of Michael. “Anything else?”

“What time do you get off?” he asked before taking a sip of his drink.

“Your dates turn out to be busts?” Sally asked with a smile.

Michael smiled and said, “They went well, but I was left needing a bit more.”

“I think I could help with that,” Sally said, “but I still have four hours until I am off.”

“Damn. I need something now,” Michael said. “I guess I can head back to my room and just rub it out.” He frowned and took another drink.

“That would be a waste of a good erection as far as I am concerned,” Sally said. She bit her lower lip and called out to a nearby waiter. “Jimmy, can you cover me for a quick break?”

“Sure. Give me a minute,” Jimmy said.

“Okay, meet me back by the break room,” Sally whispered to Michael.

Michael knocked back the last of his drink, smiled, and left the bar. He made his way around the corner to the door of the employee lounge. Really it wasn’t much more than a unisex bathroom and locker room with an old leather couch in one corner and a kitchenette in the other.

The door opened and Sally pulled Michael into the break room. “We don’t have a lot of time,” she said as she pulled him towardown one of the bathroom stalls. “It’s not romantic, but I was under the impression romance was not necessary tonight.”

“You’re right about that,” Michael said as he closed the stall door behind him and latched it shut.

Sally turned and unbuckled his pants while he played with her tits through the fabric of her blouse. When she pushed own on the waistband of his pants and boxers his cock sprung out at full attention. She did not waste time with conversation, but dropped into a squat before him. she grabbed his bare ass in her hands and sucked his cock into her mouth. She took it deep and fast. The spit flowed and fell to the floor between them. Once she deemed him ready, Sally stood and turned around.

Michael pushed up her skirt and grinned at her lack of panties. He spread her legs with one hand and thrust a pair of fingers into her pussy. It was tight, wet, and ready for him, just the way Michael liked it. He pulled his fingers out and replaced them with his cock. Between Sally’s spit and natural wetness, Michael’s cock slid in with ease until his balls slapped agsinst her clit.

“Fuck,” Sally said with a grunt. “I’ve missed that big cock of yours.”

“Good,” he said as he pulled out and thrust again. Her moans grew louder with each thrust and she did not stop when the door to the break room opened and someone walked in.

Sex in the break room was common enough that the staff tended to ignore it as much as possible, but Sally made enough noise that Michael wondered if she would be heard in the hall. He did not care enough to stop and decided that if they had an audience in the room he should make sure they enjoyed the show. 

Reaching around Sally, Michael grabbed her small tits in his hands and squeezed. Her moans turned to cries of passion as Michael pinched her nipples through the fabric of her blouse. “Oh God. Pound me with thst big cock,” Sally demanded as Michael increased the tempo. The sound of their bodies slapping together with each thrust filled the stall and the room beyond.

“Where do you want it?” Michael asked. He knew the answer, but he wanted to hear her say it.

“My pussy. Fill my pussy.” There was a gasp between each word and a grunt with each thrust.

Michael stopped holding back and fucked Sally’s cunt with all of his might. He imagined Adrianna’s big round ass in front of him and said, “Who’s the master?”

“You are. You are the master,” Sally said before crying out. Her pussy convulsed and cum ran down her legs. Her orgasm pushed Michael over the edge. He grunted and filled her pussy with cum as his back arched and he resisted the urge to yell.

When their orgasms subsided, Michael pulled out of her and a big blob of cum slid down Sally’s leg. She turned around and smiled up at him. “That was amazing. I really needed that tonight,” she said.

“Yeah, me too,” Michael said. “Thanks, Sally.”

“Any time, big guy,” Sally said as she straightened out her skirt and blouse. “You feel up for another round later?”

“I think I am spent for the night, but how about tomorrow night?” Michael asked as he pulled up his pants and secured them. 

“I get off early tomorrow. I’ll bring some food and we’ll make a night of it,” she said. 

“Great. I am heading out of town for a week, so it’ll give me plenty to think about while I am away,” Michael said as he turbed and opened the toilet stall door. They walked into the breakroom proper and found they were not alone.

Sitting on the couch on the far side of the room was the maid that had cleaned Michael’s room hours earlier. The flush of her cheeks extended down to her chest and her eyes looked slightly glazed over.

“Hey, Grace, have you met Michael?” Sally asked.

Grace stood on legs that shook beneath her. “I cleaned his room earlier.” She looked down at Michael’s crotch and said, “He is a big tipper.”

“Yes he is,” Sally said as she grabbed Michael’s package.

“Hey now,” Michael said as he stepped back and bumped into the stall wall.

Sally’s laughter filled the room. “Michael, Grace is my sister.” She tepped across the room and stood beside Grace. While their figures were wildly different, the similarities in their face were unmistakable. 

“Your sister?” Michael asked as he scratched at the stubble along his jaw.

“Yup, and I have warned her all about you,” Sally said.

“Well that’s not fair,” Michael said as he openly appraised the maid. “She should be allowed to make her own mistakes with me.”

They all three laughed and when they stopped both Sally and Grace straightened their clothes once more. “We had better get back to work,” Sally said.

Grace strode over to Sally and took her hand. “Yeah, I have a lot of rooms left to clean,” she said. “Would you like to give me a little something to help me make it through the night?”

“I would love to,” Sally said as she pulled Grace close and kissed her. It was no friendly peck. Their tongues wrestled between their lips and their hands wandered over each other’s back until Sally pulled away. “Mmm, that was nice. I need to gt back to the bar. Grace, have a good night. Michael, get some rest, because I am going to rock our date tomorrow night.”

“Will do,” Michael said as Sally left through the service door. He turned to Grace and said, “It was nice to see you again.”

Grace smiled at him. “It was nice to meet you. I’m sure I’ll bump into you again,” she said before opening the door for him. 

Michael stepped into the hall and said, “I look foward yo it.”

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