A Pleasant Sort of Torture, Part 21

Rose stood at the foot of the bed. She was completely naked except for the black rubber cock dangling between her legs and the harness that held it in place. I tried to tack in all of her with my eyes, but they kept returning to the strapon.

“I promised to fuck you, and I always keep my promises,” she said as she reached down and stroked her cock.

“It’s not exactly what I had in mind,” I said.

“Have you ever taken it in the ass before?”

“No. Fingers and tongues, but nothing like that,” I said as I took a closers look at her girl cock. It was nearly as big as my own dick, but made of black rubber. It was shaped like a cock with exaggerated veins protruding from the base to the head.

“That’s nice, but you will find this a bit more…expansive,” she said. Rose walked over to me and stood close enough that her rubber cock touched my own growing erection. “Sounds are you still game?”

I looked down at her and asked, “Have you done this before?”

Smiling, Rose grabbed her cock and said, “This not the first time we’ve been on the giving end.”

“Then I am in,” I said.

“Good.” She stepped closer and the cock slipped between my legs. I leaned down and she kissed me. Her hands moved over my chest and stomach before reaching my cock and grabbing hold. She broke the kiss and whispered, “I want you on all fours.”

I tried to be cool about it all, but I am sure she noticed the hesitation as I pictured her mounting me from behind on my bed. I am an open minded guy, but I had never really considered being fucked in the ass from behind. I loved the position, but as the penetrater, not the penetrated. 

I took the few steps toward the bed and climbed on so that my knees were barely on the mattress and my lower legs dangled off the end. I could feel her step up behind me. I knew that relaxing was the best choice, but I tensed up in anticipation.

“Looks like you are more eager for this than you think,” she said as she reached between my legs and grabbed hold of my throbbing erection. Rose stroked it with one hand while the other massaged my ass. When her fingers dragged across my anus I moaned and she proceeded to massage it before pressing a digit inside. “Try and relax. You’ll enjoy it more” She worked the tip of her finger in and out a few more times before withdrawing it and replacing it with her tongue.
Rose ran her tongue across the surface until I dropped to my elbows and said, “More please.” She pushed her tongue inside my ass and gave me a tongue fucking more intense than I received before. I was gripping the comforter in both fists and pushing back to meet the thrusts of her tongue. Spit dribbled down my balls and precut covered my shaft as Rose stroked my dick.

When Rose released her grip  on me and stood up, I looked back at her. “Crawl forward and put your head down. It is time for the main event.” I crawled forward and assumed the position. I felt vulnerable and wondered if my lovers felt the same sensation when they were in the same position.

It took her about a minute to climb onto the bed behind me. “I brought some lube to help out,” she said before squinting a generous portion onto my ass. She rubbed the cool liquid over and around my asshole before pushing a finger all the way in. She probes my ass with her digits until she was sure I was well lubes, and then withdrew them.

I knew what was coming, and I tried to relax, but her little fingers did not prepare me for the reality of taking a rubber cock in my ass. I grunted as she pushed the well lubricated head into my ass. She was gentle, taking her time and letting my asshole adjust to the girth. When she started to push forward I exhaled loudly and did my best to relax, but it felt like she was never going to stop pushing forward. 

I felt her body press against mine as she ran out of length. She stayed still for a moment and ran her hands over my back. Her pulling back out was the oddest sensation I had ever experienced. Thoughts of the withdrawal dissapated like smoke in a hurricane when Rose thrust forward once more. The rubber cock slid in with surprising ease, and with each subsequent thrust there was no resistance.

“Are you sure you’ve never done this before?” Rose asked as she fucked my ass with long slow strokes. I shook my head no. “They way you’re taking this is would have guessed taking a dick in the ass was normal for you.” She grabbed me by the hips and picked up her pace until I was grunting with each thrust and Rose was panting with exertion. 

Rose stopped and pulled out of my ass without warning, which left me moaning into my comforter. “Roll over and scoot to the edge of the bed,” Rose said as she crawled off the bed. It took me a few seconds to get my legs to agree to my demands, but once they did I worked my way to the bottom of the bed.

I laid there waiting and catching my breath. A steady stream of cum dribbled out of my achingly erect cock and collected in a pool on my stomach. I wanted to hop up, grab her, and fuck her until she could no longer stand, but that was not the deal.

Rose stepped up between my legs and ordered me to spread them and hold them up. I have watched enough porn to know what she wanted. I hooked my hands around my knees and lifted, exposing myself to her completely. She applied some additional lubrication to her rubber cock and pressed it against my asshole. “I want to see you come,” Rose said as she pushed her way inside me. “Don’t hold back.” She thrust in and out of my ass, gradually getting faster until she reached a rhythm that left me gasping. Her thighs smacked against my ass in time with my grunts. Rose grabbed my cock and pumped it in time with her thrusts. 

I went from grunting to moaning in a matter of moments. She did not need to worry about me holding back as I was completely incapable of doing so. The evening of play and the ass play drove me near the point of delirium. She could have demanded the world in that moment and I would have given it to her, but all she wanted was my cum and I gave it to her.

Long streams of cum shot across my chest and stomach with each thrust of Rose’s rubber cock. She did not stop until there was little more than a dwindling flow of cum dripping onto my stomach. 

Rose pulled back until the cock fell out of my ass and left me empty. She pushed own on my knees until I released my legs and relaxed. I laid there, covered in my own cum, my legs dangling off the bed, and unable to form a cohesive thought. 

Rose walked around the bed until she stood by my side. She unhooked the straps that held the cock in place and let it fall to the floor. She bent over and kissed me lightly upon the lips. “I have to go, but I will be back in the morning. Don’t forget that you have work tomorrow,” she said before kissing me again.

I wanted her to stay. I wanted her to sleep beside me. I wanted to say something, anything, but I couldn’t make the words take shape in my mouth. 

She got dressed, threw her toy in the bag an headed for the door. She stopped with her hand on the knob and turned to face me. “I didn’t think you had it in you. I was wrong.” Rose opened the door, walked out, and closed it behind her.

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