Friday Night Glory Hole

It was a rough week. I was burned out and stressed out by the time Friday night arrived. I ate dinner, had a couple of beers and sat in front of the television.

I scrolled through Netflix and didn’t find anything I was in the mood for. I was too awake to go to bed, but too tired to go out out clubbing. I decided a little drive for inspiration would do me good, so I locked up the house and headed out.

I made it about five miles from home when the sign for the local adult video store caught my eye. I’ve been by there a few times, but I never went in for some reason. Too busy I guess. I pulled off the interstate and parked out front of the building alongside another half dozen cars. It was clean enough from the outside, but most such places are. Its when you get inside that you see the real side of it.

The inside did not disappoint. It was well lit in the main part of the store with rows of sex toys proudly displayed for the handful of people milling about. The video racks were as well lit, but the crowd more sparse. I made my way there thinking that a couple rentals and bottle of lube might be just the thing to take the edge off and start the weekend right.

As I wandered the aisles, picking up cases and looking them over like some sort of porn connoisseur, I notice another hall at the far end of the room. It was dark, foreboding, dangerous; exactly what I was looking for. I tried to be casual as I made my way there, but my heart was racing by the time I got there.

I peeked through the entrance and found another room filled with video screens tucked behind closed doors. I’ve not been inside a video booth for years, so I thought I would give it a go. I went around to the back of the room and found an open door. I stepped in and locked it behind me. The screen flashed little snippets of the various videos you could choose from. I slipped a ten into the money slot and was rewarded with a host of selections. I chose something straight to the point: Oral Amazons 4. I sat back in the cheap plastic chair after I wiped it down with anti-bacterial wipe from a nearby dispenser. After a minute or two I pulled out my cock and started stroking.

It was about that time that I became aware the booth to my right was not empty. I heard a woman laugh, and then another. Lesbians. Cool. It sounded like they were enjoying themselves. I was starting to listen to them more than I was paying attention to the monitor in front of me, when I heard something out of place. It sounded like wood rubbing against wood. Maybe it was a door latch or something of the like, but when I heard the voices, I knew exactly what it was.

“Hey. Open your side,” said the voice from the other side of the wall. I looked over from where the voice came and sure enough there was a small wooden slat pinned in one corner to the wall. I spun it around it opened up a hole in the wall.

It was a fucking glory hole.

I stepped back a little and squatted down low so I could look through. On the other side of the wall I could see an eye looking at me.

“You’re kind of cute.”


“So my friend and I were wondering if you’d like to help us out. You see, we’re both heading out of town tomorrow and we thought coming here would be a good way to end it.” There was a moment of quiet with some whispering before she started talking again. “Fuck it. Look, this is a first for us, and well, we’d like to suck your cock through the glory hole, okay. No strings attached, just two anonymous girls blowing you right here, right now. What do you say?”


I stood up and pointed my cock toward the hole. I stepped forward and slowly pushed it through the opening until my cock and balls were on the other side.

“Jesus. That is one thick cock.” I felt a hand grip my shaft near the base. “I can’t even fit my hand around it.”

“Is it bigger than Chris’s?”

“Oh yeah.”

“Well stop staring at it and suck it already.” I liked where girl two’s head was at.

“Okay. Okay. Hold on.” Number One released her hold on my dick and a moment later I felt a tongue slide against the underside of my cock. She worked it around the tip and over the slit before she popped the tip into her mouth. She bobbed on my cock, taking a little more in each time until she got about half of me in her mouth.

What she lacked in depth she made up for in exuberance. She let the saliva flow and used her hands to extend her reach as she stroked and sucked me in unison. Her tongue darted about my length and had me on edge. Just as I was about to pop, she stopped. She pulled off my cock and let me go.

“It’s too big. I can’t do it, ” she gasped.

“Pussy.” Number two laughed.

“Fuck you, like you could do any better, ” Number One said with a huff.

“Sure I could.”

“You’ve never even gone down on a guy. There is no way you could suck a dick that big.”

“I bet you I can.”

“You’re on.”

“Alright. If I can get more of him in my mouth, then you have to fuck him.”

I was starting to love Number Two.

“Fine, but you have to take all of him in or you have to fuck him.”

“All of it?”

“Into your throat if you have to. “

“Fine. It’s a bet.

Given how long it took them to negotiate their way through this bet, I might have gone a bit soft, but listening to these two had me more worked up than ever and the little break they gave me allowed me to take back a measure of self control.

When Number Two took her position before the glory hole I could feel her breath on my cock. If Number One was right, this could be a disaster. A cherry mouth on my thick meat was probably not going to go very well, but I still had high hopes for her.

While Number One started with the tongue, Number Two started off testing just how far she could go. On her first attempt she made it further than her friend’s best effort. She stretched out her mouth and sucked hard. When she pulled back my dick left her mouth with a pop. She tried again, but this time she took it in steps. Each head bob took her a little further until she hit her first mark, and then surpassed it. The head of my cock pressed against the back of her mouth, and she gagged violently. She pulled back and coughed a couple times while Number One laughed somewhere behind her.

“I knew you couldn’t take it all the way. Time to take that big dick in your pussy.”

“Not yet. One more try.”

“Fine, but don’t stall. I want to see him fuck you.”

I had kept quiet for the most part, but when I felt Number two take my balls in one hand and the base of my cock in the other, I whispered, “Just relax your throat. You’ve got this.”

“I’ve got this, ” she repeated.

She did not take her time. She went right to work taking me deep into her mouth. She fondled my balls as she worked her way back and forth until I was once again pressed against the entrance to her throat. She gagged, but held on tight. I could feel her throat relax as she took a couple of deep breaths through her nose. With a supreme effort she pushed forward and the head popped into her throat and pressed against the back of it. She held me there and I felt her nose press against my stomach.

“Holy shit.” I tipped my head back and blinked hard. When I felt her tongue slip out of her mouth and caress my balls I almost lost my shit. She held my cock there for a few seconds longer before pulling back and gasping for air.

“Holy shit. You did it. I can’t believe you did it.”

“Oh yeah. Looks like I’ll be doing the watching while you’re doing the fucking.”

“You don’t really mean that I…”

“Oh yeah. You though he stretched your mouth?”

“A bet is a bet, ” I offered from behind the wall.

“Fine, but no cumming inside.”

“Fair enough, but I cum in your mouth instead.”

“No, you can cum in mine, ” said Number Two. “It’ll be my first blowjob and my first taste of cum.”


“So how do we do this?” Number One asked.

“I think if you bend over and back up into it that would work the best.”

She must have been naked already because it was only a moment later that my cock slid between her pussy lips and pushed into her depths.  She moaned and pulled back before pushing again. Each thrust elicited more moans as I went deeper. Her pussy was right as hell, but she was wet and getting wetter with every stroke. By the time her ass hit my stomach she must have been dripping on the floor.

“He is so much bigger than Chris.”

“Does it hurt?”

“A little, at first, but now…now it feels amazing.” As she spoke she fucked me slow, taking me almost all the way out before sliding me all the way back in. Her pussy quivered around my cock every time I was at my deepest. She picked up her pace and was soon ramming my cock into her hungry cunt as hard and fast as she could.

Her muffled moans filled the air and I could feel her tightening up around my cock. When she came her ass shook violently and I was afraid she was going to fall down, but she stayed upright and resumed her pace after the briefest pause.

“Oh God. I don’t think I can take much more,” she said between gasps. “Are you close?”

“I am getting there, but you have a way to go.” All of the stopping and starting had edged me to a place where I felt like I could keep going all night.

“I could take a turn if you want?”

God bless you, Number Two.

“Don’t play it off like you’re being nice or something. You want to fuck this big cock don’t you, slut?” Number one rammed her as back against me a couple of times as she spoke. If she kept it up she might not need to swap out for her friend.

“Well yeah. I mean look at you. You’ve practically fucked yourself stupid and cum at least three or four times.”

“Six.” She rammed back again and shook around my cock. “Seven.”

“Stop being greedy and let me have a turn. You know Jimmy has a small dick. I want to see what it’s like with a real cock.”

Number One ground her ass against my stomach while she teased Number Two. “Aww, you need to feel a big cock in you. Are you jealous?”

“Damn right I am. You’re already going to have trouble walking, so let me give it a try.”

“Fine.” Number One moved forward and my cock slipped out of her pussy. “God, I am all stretched out. I don’t think I would even feel Chris if I let him fuck me tonight.”

“Good thing I don’t have to worry about that tonight.”

Number Two backed up and my cock slid up between her ass cheeks. There wasn’t much of a chance I would penetrate her ass, but I must have passed over it because she gave a little yelp and pulled away. I moaned and she asked, “Did you like that?”

“Oh yeah.”

“Well then.” She backed up and let my cock slide between her big round ass cheeks over and over again. “I bet you would love to fuck my right little asshole, but you can’t. This is as close as you’ll get.”

“Too bad. She has an amazing ass, ” Number One said. “Stop teasing the man and fuck him already.”

“Give a girl a hand?”

Number two pulled away for a moment and I felt a hand on my cock. Number One pointed me downward a bit and helped guide me in as Number Two backed up.

It was slow going at first as she worked me in and out a little at a time. She was plenty wet, but as right as I have ever felt. I honestly did not think she would be able to go all the way, but with a little persistence. Was soon balls deep on that right little cunt.

“Holy Fuck. This is amazing.” She fucked me hard and fast until she was panting and moaning. When her first orgasm hit her legs buckled and I almost slipped out, but Number One must have helped her stay upright, because soon she was back to fucking me like a wild woman. She was ready for her next two orgasms and she rode them out like a pro. She kept at it through half a dozen more and soon she had me on edge.

Being the gentleman that I was, I warned her about the impending cum. She moaned and pulled off my cock, but I was not given the chance to lose my edge as I felt a pair of lips on my cock as it was free. Soon enough I felt a second pair of lips as the two women did everything they could to coax the cum from my balls.

I did not disappoint them and grunted loudly as I shot stream after stream of cum against their faces. They continued licking, kissing and sucking my cock until I was completely drained and stepped back from the glory hole.

“Thank you, mister. You made our weekend,” Number One said.

“Hell, you made my whole year and it is only March,” said Number Two.

“We have to be going now. Stay in there for a bit okay? Got to keep this anonymous and all.”

“Yeah, sure thing,” I said as I pulled up my pants and watched the video screen in my booth go blank. I didn’t get to see all that much of the Oral Amazons, but I think what I got was a fair trade off.

I listened to them get dressed and counted to thirty after I heard the door to their booth shut. I checked myself in the dim light of the video screen advertising before I left the booth.

I walked back through the store, trying my best to look casual and not smile like the Cheshire Cat. There were some new faces in the store, or maybe I had not paid enough attention before, but as I was about to leave a pair of customers caught my eye. There was a skinny little blonde standing beside a taller, thicker red head near a wall covered with dildos and vibrators of various shapes and sizes. They were whispering conspiratorially, and I might not have thought anything of it except for the long string of cum dangling from the taller girls strawberry curls. I smiled and nodded at them both before I opened the door and left them behind.

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